Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday!

I'm back with another Ten on Tuesday via Chelsea from Roots and Rings

1. Where are you from? Have you lived there your whole life?
I am currently from Maryland, by way of Boston, Massachusetts- by way of Amherst, Massachusetts- by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- by way of Ridgefield, Connecticut- by way of Enfield, Connecticut- by way of Denver, Colorado- by way of Fairfield, Connecticut- by way of New York, New York- by way of Chicago, Illinois- by way of Memphis, Tennessee- by way of Amherst, Massachusetts.

2. How would you classify your clothing style?
Super awesome. Nah, really- I'm a spokesmodel for AT Loft. I wear nothing, I mean NOTHING over 50 bucks (okay maybe one or two things, but it's rare) and shop at Target too. I guess my style is pretty preppy.

3. What kind of car do you drive?
Honda CR-V.

4. What would your dream home look like if you could have it (or already do!)?
My current home is ok, but it's not my dream home. My dream home would be 2,500 square feet (don't want to clean too much) with huge raised ceilings and a fire place. The kitchen would have granite tile and a white washed cottage-y feel. The entire house would be turquoise and sage green and soft yellow. My bedroom would be nautical. I would have a two car garage and a large fenced in back yard. I would have a huge garden out front.

Here's an example of what I like (not all blue, just the only pics I could find)-- a mix of traditional, french country and cottage chic.

5. Do you have kids, and if so, how many and how old were you when you had them?
No kids yet, I've only been married 13.5 months.

6. What is your favorite hobby?
Blogging of course!
I also enjoy reading and baking and cooking.

7. Are you going to have any New Year’s resolutions for 2011?
To be more mindful. To think about life. To reflect on each moment. To be mindful of what I eat and what I do and what I say.

8. What is something, if anything, that you’d want to change about yourself?
I'd want the metabolism and body that I had at age 26.

9. What is something that you love about yourself?
I love my sense of humor. I can laugh at anything and I love to laugh.

10. Pick one of the following: Someone to cook for you, someone to do your laundry, or someone to do your dishes.
Someone do my laundry. I hate laundry. And dishes. ha.

Incase you were Wondering

Just incase you care...
yes, I did give another IQ test today.
I'll also be giving one tomorrow.
....and again on Friday.
Weee for me. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally, a funny one!

My Monday morning started off crappily. 
It's cold. I did not want to wake up.  My husband wakes up 40 mins before I do but he was either extra loud, or I was extra anxious about Monday after a long break and I couldn't sleep.  I stayed up too late.  I went outside today to find my car covered in a thick sheet of ice or frost. I hate winter.  I need a remote car starter.  Crap, Midas sucks- they left me without wiper fluid at my oil change last weekend.  Yes, I try to melt frost by sitting on my ass and running the wipers.  It's too cold to go outside. Its so cold in my car. Crap, why didn't I wear a jacket. Why don't I ever wear a jacket?  Why didn't I buy a car with a remote starter? 
I got to work and sat in a long, boring meeting.  While sitting, a sinus headache developed up my neck, into my nose, and into the back of my neck.  I thought I was gonna black out it hurt so bad.  Two Advil later, I was off to test another kid.
Saving grace of the day------ this kid was funny! Finally, a funny one!
I pretty much give IQ tests for a living.  IQ tests and autism tests. IQ tests and emotional disturbance tests.  IQ tests and adaptive skills tests. 
When I first started out in this career, it was really fun. Weee, I love IQ tests.  Now, it's gotten a bit old.  I could give the WISC-IV in my sleep.  It's the same questions, with the same answers time and time again.  In an average year, I give at least 50 IQ tests.  Thankfully, I give very few IQ tests between the months of June and August. I usually start back to school rejuvenated and ready to whip out my WISC.  By November, I'm over it again. 
It's my own fault I guess.  If I were a high school school psychologist I would test 1/4 of that amount of kids.  I just find little kids so much cuter and entertaining.  But with little kids comes a more diagnostic role.  That usually works for me.  Although testing is boring, I love (nerd alert) writing reports, forming hypotheses, and interpreting the results of my testing. I find that much more exciting than high school drama. 
Anyways, thank you funny kid for making IQ testing a little more bearable this morning.  You have made it possible for me to test the next 3 kids on my que this week. 

What a Month!

This month has been crazy busy! Between 9 days on a cruise ship and 5 days away for Thanksgiving I blinked and fall was over and it was time for the Holidays.

This Thanksgiving, my family rented a huge house on Fenwick Island (between Bethany Beach and Ocean City). We were joined by my siblings, aunt, uncle, cousins and my grandfather.

I was able to get there on Tuesday and we spent the week sipping wine, playing rummy and taboo and walking on the beach. We fit in a little shopping at the outlets, but mostly we just vegged out.

Here's a picture of me and my cousin Ciena. Apparently we were LOVING the thanksgiving dinner rolls. Ha.

Here's a picture of my siblings, cousins and myself. Obviously, the white ones share a momma and a papa with me. The other three are my cousins.

Here's another one of all the girls on Thanksgiving day. We tried to get my mom and my aunt to join, but they weren't having it.

We left the beach on Saturday to make it back in time for John's grandma's 100th birthday party. Can you believe it? How many 100th birthday parties can most people say that they've been in attendance to?

The three children in the middle are the grandchildren and of course John's parents and grandmother are sitting in the front.

Here's me and my husband's sisters. Obviously, the theme of the night was green for everyone and holding a beer for me. So classy.

I've had a blast this month and I'm totally not looking forward to going back to work. We spent Sunday afternoon cooking in the crock pot and watching football. I didn't even get dressed today. I'm going to miss this come Monday.

I hope your thanksgiving was blissful as well!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday---- er, Sunday?

1. What are your plans for the holidays? Do you travel at Thanksgiving? If you celebrate Christmas, do you travel then, too?
This thanksgiving we went to Fenwick Island, DE with my parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandfather. On Christmas, we will probably celebrate with my husbands family at his parent's house.

2. How do you make the plans for the holiday? If you have a significant other, how do you decide which family to visit?
It's incredibly annoying if I'm being honest. This may be the hardest part of getting married and merging lives. John's family has always had a large Christmas celebration so we usually go there on Christmas. My family really wants us for Thanksgiving so we've gone there the last two years. I'm not sure how we're going to work it out in future years though-- My parents and myself are cool with Christmas at his parents and Thanksgiving at mine but I'm not sure how everyone else feels about it.

3. Do you have your Thanksgiving meal at lunch or later in the day?
Every year my dad says that we will eat at around 2:00, but it's never ready until 3. Ha.

4. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Watching the parade on TV, eating our feast, toasting the year, and playing rummy and other board games for the remainder of the day.

5. After a big meal do you lounge around or get up and take a walk?
We almost always go for a long walk.

6. Do you shop on “Black Friday” or do you avoid it?
Hells to the no. I can't even handle the mall on a regular Saturday most of the time. I certainly couldn't deal with the Black Friday crowds. I'll participate via internet though.

7. When do you usually finish your Christmas shopping?
Usually by early to mid December. I'm slacking this year, but we spent 9 days in the Caribbean and 5 days on Fenwick Island so my shopping has been disrupted.

8. Do you and your significant other exchange gifts? Is there a budget?
We always exchange at least a little something, but try to keep it to 100 dollars and under. We don't always stick to it, but we try to.

9. When do you decorate for the holidays?
After Thanksgiving- whenever the mood strikes us. It hasn't yet.

10. Do you go “all out” with the decor or do you keep it simple?
Def. not all out. We don't have an outlet outside so we can't do any lights at all. The hubs is sad about that. We usually put up a tree, a wreath and fill some glass (our glass lamps, bowls etc.) with sparkly ornaments and balls.

Ten on Tuesday is brought to you by Chelsea at Roots and Rings

My Review of Accucharge Technology Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I love shopping at CSN- especially because they really love us bloggers and are always offering us new products in exchange for reviews of other products that they sell. You can find everything at CSN including kitchen barstools, appliances, and home decor. I most recently reviewed a new handheld vacuum.

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Cordless convenience with an Energy Star rating! The AccuCharge system charges twice as fast so you can be ready for any quick pickup with 15.6 volts of cordless cleaning power. When the unit is charging, the AccuCharge circuitry constantly monitors the battery. Once the battery is charged, ...

Powerful Little Vacuum

By Ashley from Annapolis, Maryland on 11/28/2010

4out of 5

Pros: Easy to Use, Easy To Empty, Powerful/Good Suction, Lightweight

Cons: Short Charge

Best Uses: Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors

Describe Yourself: Frequent User

Primary use: Personal

I purchased this vacuum from CSN because I have been in the market for a new handheld vacuum for some time. It's almost impossible to find a decent hand vac. Most are annoying to use, loud, difficult to empty and hold a very short charge. I'm very happy with this purchase. This vacuum is incredibly powerful and it's easy to empty. It does not work well on carpet and/or carpeted stairs, but it picks up small messes on my hardwood floors easily and efficiently. My only complaint is that the charge only holds (powerfully) for about 1-2 minutes. It does recharge quickly though.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday



Purple-ish sweater- Ann Taylor Loft
Black Pants- Marshalls
Shoes- The Gap



Purple-ish dress- Target
Shoes- Marshalls

Sunday-- we haven't seen this outfit in awhile.. ha.


Steelers Jersey- Ebay
Jeans- The Gap
Undershirt- The Gap

6 hours later.......


Orange PJs- Old Navy



Long Sleeve Shirt- The Gap
Scarf- Old Navy
Jean Skirt- Old Navy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have so many reasons to be thankful this year. Here are just a few,

1. I am above ground
2. I have the most fabulous husband
3. I have two kitties that I just adore
4. My husband makes me laugh at least 3 times each day
5. I am blessed with wonderfully supportive parents
6. I am thankful for my siblings, who always make me smile
7. I am blessed with cousins that I can boogie down with
8. I am blessed with a roof over my head
9. I have food on my table
10. I have a job that I find interesting
11. I work with some pretty fun people
12. I am blessed that I love to eat my vegetables
13. My husband's family is pretty rad
14. I have a closet full of clothing
15. I love my life

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey Old Lady

Reason #23431 why I'm slowly realizing that I'm old.....

When I walk into a classroom to pick up a child for testing or to do an observation, another student ALWAYS asks me if I'm little so and so's mom.

Little so and so can be black, white or asian but it never fails that I'm mistaken for mom. '

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cruise Part 2

I'm not sure how to format this post, so I'll do pictures first-- then text :)

The hubs in San Juan, Puerto Rice (which is a gorgeous place)!

The Pier at Caye Levantado in the Dominican Republic (that's the hubs)

When we got back on the boat, I took a picture of Caye Levantado, DR
It was gorgeous!

I often took walks around the track on the top floor. What a view. I miss this.

Our favorite towel animal of the week!

A picture from Labadee, Haiti

A picture from one of the formal nights on the cruise

The girl portion of our new cruise friends...
I can't find the picture that includes the boys. I think it's on John's camera. We actually shared a dinner table with this crew and we had a blast. We originally requested a table for two to be all romantic and shiz, but we were placed at a table for six. We are so glad that we were. The couples at our table were hysterical and we ended up hanging out most days/nights.

Anyways, the cruise line we ended up taking was Royal Caribbean (someone asked) and overall we had a great time.

There was one small problem (if you notice the seabands)-- we did NOT have fabulous "sea states" for a few days during our trip. The second day on the ship we were sailing through North Carolina and Florida and the seas were pretty rough-- 8-13 ft waves. I felt pretty nauseous which is rare for me. I can ride a roller coaster fifty times, so I wasn't expecting to have a problem on the ship. Thankfully, the seabands saved me and I didn't puke.

On the way back towards Baltimore while sailing through North Carolina we hit a really rough spot-- that lasted 24 hours. I'm talking 45 foot waves. At one point, we all thought that we were dying. We were at the restaurant up at the top of the ship and we hit a wave. I'm pretty sure that the ship fell over at a 45 degree angle and I thought that we were goners. It was tsunami part 2. People fell out of their seats, all of the food fell to the floor, liquor and wine bottles flew off of the shelves, and a trash can skidded across the floor straight at me. It was the scariest five minutes of my life. Thankfully, we survived (obvs), but it was scary. People were hurt, 1,000 dishes were ruined and thousands of dollars of wine/liquor was destroyed.

The captain said that it was the worst he's ever seen in over 12 years. People that used to be in the navy/coast guard claimed that they had never even lived through something like that before.

Thankfully, the hubs wasn't bothered one bit which is great because...... that means more cruises! He loved it and it was his first.

Amazingly, the day that we have 45 ft swells, I didn't have an ounce of seasickness but I was happy to touch land the next day.

Now that I'm home, I already sea sick (HA, pun intended) and want to get back on.

Piss Pot

I'm being a bit of a piss pot right now.

1. I have a headache.

2. Meetings all day. Sucky ones.

3. Drove 20 mins out of the way for my weekly allergy shot to find out that they had to close early.

4. I need an oil change. I don't want to get an oil change.

5. My house is a disaster. I am usually Mrs. Clean, but I can barely keep up with 1800 sq feet lately.

6. My shorts and capris are still in my closet and all my sweaters are on the floor.  I hate it but I'm too tired to fix it (for the last month, ha)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday!

In case you are wondering why I'm wearing less clothing in November, most of these outfits are from our cruise Nov. 4-13. I forgot to pack anything but black shoes and I forgot most of my jewelry so I'm not looking too fashionable.

Are you loving the seabands in this picture? Most of the time I have no problems, but we had some 45 ft crazy waves one day -which is a story for another post.


Black Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Marshalls


Purple Dress: The Gap
Shoes: Target

I must have been drunk in this next one.

Dress: Macys
Cardigan: Marshalls


Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater: Ann Taylor


Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: Anthropologie


Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Target


Dress: Target
Shoes: Marshalls
Wrap: THE SHIP!!

Now... back to work.. Wah



Wrap Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Pants: Marshalls
Shoes: Gap


Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Pants: Marshalls
Shoes: Gap

Moral of the story: I pretty much own Ann Taylor Loft.

Sad News: I haven't been in 3 weeks which is the longest I've ever gone without going. I'm going to be so behind on fashion this winter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?
Hot cinnamon buns OR monkey bread. Yum.

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
I'm sure. I was quite the little actress.

3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
Shoes! Scarves! Long necklaces! Headbands!

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
A nice comfy pair of sweats. So lame.

5. What is your favorite color and why?
Purple.  I'm not sure why, but I've loved it since birth.

6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
Plain jane sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles

7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)
Green apple. I love it.

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?
Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner. It rules.

9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
a mom OR a cashier OR a waitress OR a princess
I'm actually a school psychologist

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
I don't buy songs or albums. I listen to the radio or pandora for free

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cruise Part #1

We had the best time on our cruise. We decided to go with a nine night Eastern Caribbean Cruise out of Baltimore because it meant NO airline travel.

We were weary about going for nine nights (John has never cruised and I've only done short cruises years ago) but it ended up being perfect. We probably could have lasted another week on the ship for sure.

We spent two days cruising down the Atlantic before we arrived at our first stop, which was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan is a gorgeous city and we had a great time walking around, shopping, sampling the local beer, having the customary yard at Senor Frogs and sampling some really great food. San Juan also had a CVS and a Marshalls which was great because we forgot quite a few things at home. Oops.

The second stop was St. Thomas and I was most looking forward to visiting this island. We took a taxi around the island, took some pictures and ended up at Magens Bay. It's voted in the top 5 or 10 for the most beautiful beaches in the world so I was eager to check it out. It was a gorgeous place! Seriously, how perfect is this picture?

Our next stop was in Samana, Dominican Republic and it was my favorite stop by far. We ended up taking a boat ride to a small secluded island called Caye Levantado. It was the most beautiful day and we enjoyed hours on the beach. The water was crystal clear and there was shopping and a barbecue available on the island. I'm most looking forward to visiting Dominican Republic again sometime in the future because it was breathtakingly beautiful

This is just a random shot of John and I at one of the many shows on the boat (John bought his shirt for ten bucks in St. Thomas). The boat was so much fun! It was actually a pretty small ship but we never ran out of things to do. We enjoyed the shows every single night. They had comedians, magicians, broadway style dancing and singing productions, the newlywed game, and tribute productions for Elton John and the Temptations. When we weren't at the shows, we played trivia, scene it, if you know it dance it and numerous other games throughout the night. Royal Caribbean does a great job at keeping people entertained. They even broadcast the Steelers on Monday night Football direct to the big screen.

We were also blessed to be sat with some pretty wonderful people at dinner. There were a lot of old people on our ship. I'm talking the over 80 crowd (we're guessing that most 20 somethings aren't going on 9 day cruises two weeks before thanksgiving) but we lucked out and were sat at the young-ish, fun table. We never stopped laughing...

I'll be back soon with part two and more pictures!

Book #21 and #22

Thirteen Reasons Why came highly recommended by a fellow blogger. I had high hopes for it, and it turns out that I didn't like it one bit. I didn't find it compelling and I struggled to keep turning the page. This is not on my list of favorites.

From Booklist
When Clay Jenson plays the casette tapes he received in a mysterious package, he's surprised to hear the voice of dead classmate Hannah Baker. He's one of 13 people who receive Hannah's story, which details the circumstances that led to her suicide. Clay spends the rest of the day and long into the night listening to Hannah's voice and going to the locations she wants him to visit. The text alternates, sometimes quickly, between Hannah's voice (italicized) and Clay's thoughts as he listens to her words, which illuminate betrayals and secrets that demonstrate the consequences of even small actions. Hannah, herself, is not free from guilt, her own inaction having played a part in an accidental auto death and a rape. The message about how we treat one another, although sometimes heavy, makes for compelling reading. Give this to fans of Gail Giles psychological thrillers.

This book was much better and much more entertaining. I recommend checking this read out.

Amazon.com Review
The complexities of a friendship. The unexplored doubts of a marriage. And the redemptive power of literature... Julie Buxbaum, the acclaimed author of The Opposite of Love, delivers a haunting, gloriously written novel about love, family, and the secrets we hide from each other--and ourselves.

It happened on a tree-lined street in Notting Hill to a woman who seemed to have the perfect life. Ellie Lerner’s best friend, Lucy, was murdered in front of her young daughter. And, as best friends do, Ellie dropped everything--her marriage, her job, her life in the Boston suburbs--to travel to London and pick up the pieces of Lucy’s life. While Lucy’s husband, Greg, copes with his grief by retreating into himself, eight-year-old Sophie has simply stopped speaking.

Desperate to help Sophie, Ellie turns to a book that gave her comfort as a child, The Secret Garden. As the two spend hours exploring the novel’s winding passageways, its story of hurt, magic, and healing blooms around them. But so, too, do Lucy’s secrets--some big, some small--secrets Lucy kept hidden, even from her best friend. Over a summer in London, as Ellie peels back the layers of her friend’s life, she’s forced to confront her own as well: the marriage she left behind, the loss she’d hoped to escape. And suddenly Ellie’s carefully constructed existence is spinning out of control in a chain of events that will transform her life--and those around her--forever. A novel that will resonate in the heart of anyone who’s had a best friend, a love lost, or a past full of regrets, After You proves once again the unique and compelling talent of Julie Buxbaum

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I took a bit of a hiatus.

I was on a 9 night Eastern Caribbean cruise and I didn't want to let the blogosphere know that in case there are axe murderers that read my blog.

I know, the girl who can't afford a baby took a nine night anniversary/second honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. Well to be fair, the cruise cost 600 dollars (AMAZING DEAL), left out of Baltimore (NO TRAVEL), and we booked it in April or May of last year (before the word baby entered our vocabulary).

We had an absolute blast and I'll post pics and more details soon.

In the meantime I need to clean, shop, and try to get through the 1000+ blogs in my google reader (yes, google reader can't even count that high).

*I photographed most of my cruise outfits for What I Wore Wednesday so that I could stay on my "roll."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Baby

Everyone that I know is having a baby.
If you are my friend, you are probably having a baby.
If I read your blog, you are probably having a baby.
If you have girly bits and are over 25, you are probably having a baby.
I admit that i'm overgeneralizing but it certainly feels like I'm in the baby baking minority.
I really would like a baby. The hubs really, really, really would like a baby.
One small problem lies between us and our baby making dreams: stupid decisions that we made in our early 20's- otherwise known as debt.
We are heading in the right direction and cut up all credit cards years ago, but there isn't a spare cent in our budget for day care. Okay, maybe there is a cent, but there is no more than 200 dollars in our budget that could go towards daycare. Daycare = expensivo in the DC metro area. Obviously day care is a given. If I can't afford daycare, I certainly can't afford to quit my job.
I can't even tell you how bad I wish that 20 grand would fall from the sky.
So my question for you-- just how prepared were you for your baby? Did you have a lot of savings or were you poor and just went for it? At this point, I feel like we're in a hole that we can't get out of for at least 3 more years (unless we have a secret inheritance or thousands of dollars fall out of the sky). Is it worth waiting three years or is it worth risking? My friend says that tax break will help, but be straight with me-- how good is this tax break?
Please weigh in.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Project Runway Season 8

I know, I know the season ended like two weeks ago.

I just couldn't bring myself to write because I am SO angry about the fact that Gretchen won. She's got a bad attitude, she talks like a librarian, she has a chick mullet, and designs clothes that I could find a salvation army.

I can promise you that my mom owned all of her designs in 1982. I have pictures to prove it.

The swishy 80's dress? Hello, my mom had a dress like that from Express circa 1986. I remember the night that she bought it. All three of us kids were with her and we were causing a scene. Mom wanted to strangle us I think.

Hello, MC Hammer called and wants his pants back. I get that the 80's are back, but Gretchen takes advantage of the worst parts of the 1980's-- Hammer Pants and half shirts.

Mondo should have won the entire competition. He's a bit 80's as well, but he uses bold patterns and colors. I would love to wear any and all of his clothes. Purple, plaid and houndstooth have never looked so good.

I just hate it that Miss Pissy Pants won. Do you feel me?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday (9)

Wow, I've stuck with What I Wore Wednesday for 9 weeks!

Rah, Rah, Rah!

Why can't my diets stick for 9 weeks?

Boo Hiss Hiss

Moving on.....

The theme of the week-- dark colors. I'm not sure why considering I'm usually the color queen.

Thursday: Do you get sick of seeing the same cardigans each week?



Pink Shirt: The Limited (gift from sister years ago)
Black Pants: Marshalls
Black Sweater: Old Navy
Houndstooth Shoes: The Gap

Friday: This is what you do when you work in a school.... (not amusing at 7am)


Red Dress: Walmart
Red Cape: Walmart
Red Horns: Walmart
Black Leggings: Target
Black Sweater: Old Navy

Saturday: Halloween!


Blood: Kmart
White Coat: Clinique
Black Pants: Marshalls
White Shirt: Old Navy

Monday: I hope these pants are more flattering in person. Yuck.


Black Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Silver Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Marshalls

Tuesday: How to dress like in the most comfortable manner ever.


Gray Dress: Ross
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: Marshalls
Necklace: H&M

Wednesday: I like discount stores and houndstooth


Houndstooth Sweather: Target
Camisole: Target
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Red Flats: Marshalls