Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally, a funny one!

My Monday morning started off crappily. 
It's cold. I did not want to wake up.  My husband wakes up 40 mins before I do but he was either extra loud, or I was extra anxious about Monday after a long break and I couldn't sleep.  I stayed up too late.  I went outside today to find my car covered in a thick sheet of ice or frost. I hate winter.  I need a remote car starter.  Crap, Midas sucks- they left me without wiper fluid at my oil change last weekend.  Yes, I try to melt frost by sitting on my ass and running the wipers.  It's too cold to go outside. Its so cold in my car. Crap, why didn't I wear a jacket. Why don't I ever wear a jacket?  Why didn't I buy a car with a remote starter? 
I got to work and sat in a long, boring meeting.  While sitting, a sinus headache developed up my neck, into my nose, and into the back of my neck.  I thought I was gonna black out it hurt so bad.  Two Advil later, I was off to test another kid.
Saving grace of the day------ this kid was funny! Finally, a funny one!
I pretty much give IQ tests for a living.  IQ tests and autism tests. IQ tests and emotional disturbance tests.  IQ tests and adaptive skills tests. 
When I first started out in this career, it was really fun. Weee, I love IQ tests.  Now, it's gotten a bit old.  I could give the WISC-IV in my sleep.  It's the same questions, with the same answers time and time again.  In an average year, I give at least 50 IQ tests.  Thankfully, I give very few IQ tests between the months of June and August. I usually start back to school rejuvenated and ready to whip out my WISC.  By November, I'm over it again. 
It's my own fault I guess.  If I were a high school school psychologist I would test 1/4 of that amount of kids.  I just find little kids so much cuter and entertaining.  But with little kids comes a more diagnostic role.  That usually works for me.  Although testing is boring, I love (nerd alert) writing reports, forming hypotheses, and interpreting the results of my testing. I find that much more exciting than high school drama. 
Anyways, thank you funny kid for making IQ testing a little more bearable this morning.  You have made it possible for me to test the next 3 kids on my que this week. 


Melissa said...

I was unprepared for the frost on my car this morning too! It made me later than I wanted to be because I had to sit for several minutes and let everything thaw out! I want a remote starter also!

Unknown said...

OK just THINKING about what you went through this morning made me cold!! BUT on the other hand the high humidity and 80 degree weather today isn't much better =/

a girl and a pearl. said...

I do the windshield wiper thing too :) Usually works pretty well too!