Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have so many reasons to be thankful this year. Here are just a few,

1. I am above ground
2. I have the most fabulous husband
3. I have two kitties that I just adore
4. My husband makes me laugh at least 3 times each day
5. I am blessed with wonderfully supportive parents
6. I am thankful for my siblings, who always make me smile
7. I am blessed with cousins that I can boogie down with
8. I am blessed with a roof over my head
9. I have food on my table
10. I have a job that I find interesting
11. I work with some pretty fun people
12. I am blessed that I love to eat my vegetables
13. My husband's family is pretty rad
14. I have a closet full of clothing
15. I love my life