Thursday, December 30, 2010

16 and Pregnant Reunion

Yes, I'm like 12 and I watch (and love) 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom. I can't wait for Teen Mom 2.

But lets be honest, even the Pioneer Woman is obsessed with 16 and Pregnant so I don't think that I'm a minority.

Anyways, Tuesdays reunion show really ticked me off.

First of all-- to the couple that can barely afford the baby they have but who continues to have sex without protection-- you are both idiots. Have you learned nothing??!!?? The government should really be able to revoke their rights to another child. I'm telling you.

Secondly-- Did you hear that the African American girl with the wanna be African American white boy just found out that they are pregnant again-- less than a year after their first-- and at 17?!? She claims that she didn't know that if you miss a depo provera shot that you can get pregnant. Seriously, their right to children should be cut off as well.

Lastly-- Dr. Drew made it a point (TWO TIMES) that it is the schools responsibility to teach children about safe sex. He asked several of the girls if they would have been pregnant if the school taught them about birth control. They both claimed that if the school had taught them about more than a condom, that they would have never become pregnant. I'm sorry but why should this be the responsibility of a school? School is where you learn math and science. You should learn about condoms and the pill and what not from your parents. Shame on you Dr. Drew.


Ashalee said...

I watched this show just last night. This really irked me that people can be so dumb and have ANOTHER baby. There was one couple that said that they wanted more kids. In the distant future...THANK GOD!! And you're right, it is not the school's responsibility, however I'm glad my school took an active role. I learned about this stuff starting in 5th grade up. Baby think it over in 9th grade, this def. decreased the amount of teen pregnancies in our town. And we had the highest teen pregnancy per capita in the COUNTRY!!

Nicole said...

I've never watched the show b/c IMO, it makes girls in high school right now think that it's cool to be pregnant... in fact my step-daughter was from a high school mom. But I agree with your point about shame on Dr. Drew... it's not a schools responsibility, it's a parents!

Melissa said...

I didn't watch, but as someone who teaches health one period a day, I thought I could weigh in. I definitely think it's nice if the school does some sort of sex ed program and teaches about birth control options and all schools should, BUT the parents need to keep talking to their kids about sex and birth control as well. I even tell my students' parents that because they think just hearing it from me for the month or so that we do sex ed. is enough for a lifetime and it's not! I personally think it's really more of the parents' responsibility than the school's, but the more the kids hear it from different reliable sources, the better.

Sonya said...

That's sad that even Dr. Drew thinks it's the school's responsibility. It wasn't the school who decided to have kids in the first place, correct?

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I can't get enough 16 and Pregnant! It's like a car accident you can't look away from. I do agree that the parents should teach them about BC, you can definitely tell that some of these kids don't have great parents. Maybe it should be a joint-effort?

I can remember a girl when I was in the 7th grade who was pregnant with her SECOND child. WTF?

Amber said...

I am also obsessed with this show, and it never stops driving me insane either! I missed the reunion (not like there won't be 9,000 replays!) but I cannot believe some of the things I read about it on your blog! WTH!?!?!?! I am mad at Dr. Drew----it is most definitely a parents responsibility to teach their kids this stuff. It needs to start YOUNG, too. I am terrified to have one girl (and possibly 2 more on the way) because who knows what will be the "cool" thing then.
Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

I too love this show. I know it is a total waste of my time, but I can't help it . It is mesmerizing. We don't even have cable now, and I watch it online! -Kate

Nap Mom said...

Thanks for the recap. I love the show but hardly have time to watch. Your comment "wanna be African American white boy" cracked me up! They are pregnant again????? Mind boggling!

Ashley said...

Nap mom: you have got to catch his 16 and pregnant episode on demand. He really was a funny white/black boy.

Hilary said...

I'm right there with you. And the really cute girl from the south with the weird skater kid boyfriend? Did you see the dad's face when he found out that the sex ed in schools was a little lacking? You're right - daddy dearest should've been having the talk instead of assuming the school would do it!

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