Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What am I doing wrong?

Google friend connect will NOT let me follow new blogs.

I will visit your blog, head to your sidebar and press follow. It used to work every time.

Now, I do that and it asks me to log into my google account. I will log in to my google account and it will bring me back to the previous page-- the one that lists do you want to follow with google, twitter, aol, yahoo etc. Google!- duh, I already said that.

This crap will continue for the next few minutes and I'm no longer able to follow any new blogs.

HELP! Has this happened to you? It's an ongoing thing now.....


Dancy said...

I dunno why - it's been doing that for a while. Lately when I open up a blog that whole area seems to be not working - it doesn't even register & I can't see the people who follow either.

I either copy the URL & put it straight into my Google reader or I ADD it to my blogger dashbard (this way it groups to the blogger folder in the reader).

Erin said...

Yes. Google is on its period. It's very testy and wishy-washy lately. Give it a few days and a few pieces of chocolate and it will calm down.

Anonymous said...

It works for me when it wants to. I follow through Google and through Bloglovin'.

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