Tuesday, December 21, 2010



THIS is what happens when your school psychologist is so over working this week.

THIS is what happens when your school psychologist is from Massachusetts-- where all the other little school psychologists have been off since Friday.

THIS is what happens when you can't pull any kids because kids don't want to have their IQs tested three days before Christmas. They don't want to have their autism checked either.

Oh and THIS is also what happens when I go on vacation.

The last two times I took a day off for vacation (October 2009 and November 2010) I came back to find my office moved into a classroom. My centrally located old office had to be turned into a padded "crisis" ahem, crazy room TWO YEARS IN A ROW. But hey, now I have a super cool chalkboard to color on.


Sonya said...

Cute! My school once kicked our behavior specialist out of her office so that an AIDE could have an office with a computer that she had no business having! The poor BS had to use whatever space she could find when she came in. It was ridiculous!

Yellow House said...

LOVE the chalkboard! I am sorry you are still in school -- we got out on Friday. How many more days do you have?

I am finally stopping by after awhile off... looking forward to catching up! Merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

Love the decor!! =) It's so festive and fun! Here's hoping your last few days this week go smoothly and quickly =)

Anonymous said...

You are quite the artist, Ashley! Love it!

Nicole said...

haha I love it :) So creative!