Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mid Month Goals Update

Back on December 1st, I made myself some December Goals. This is how I'm doing so far...

1. Take zumba and/or step aerobics class at 3 times per week or 15 times this month.
Well, we're on day 15. So far I've accomplished this:
1. Zumba on Dec. 1st
2. Zumba on Dec. 2nd
3. Zumba on Dec. 4rd
4. Step on Dec. 6th
5. Step on Dec. 7th
6. Step on Dec. 9th
7. Step on Dec. 14th
8. Zumba on Dec. 15th
I plan on going to Step tomorrow and Zumba on Friday if nothing else comes up. I think I'm on track to make this goal.

2. Strength train at least 2x per week.
I'm definitely doing fabulously in regards to this goal. I've done strength training 7 times already this month. I don't pump iron, but I follow a strength regimen that includes one day of abs, one day of legs, and one day of arms each week. It involves a lot of ball work, squats, planks and very light weights.

3. Read two more novels so that I can finish my 25 books in 6 months challenge
Well.. either I miscounted or I missed one book during my most recent count, but it appears that I need to read 3 books by Dec. 31st. I just finished the Hunger Games and I'm halfway through Catching Fire. If you've read it you know what happens half way through..... well what happens is pissing me off, but I promised to pick it back up tonight. I have 16 days to get through a book and a half.

4. I may not buy myself ONE piece of clothing until December 26, 2010.
I accidentally failed this one. I was doing SO well. I didn't buy anything until today, day 15. I honestly forgot about my little challenge and I bought three dresses on and three pairs of yoga pants from today. Crap. I lose. Does it help that the sweats were only 11 bucks and forever 21 dresses are all under 21 bucks?

5. Develop a "I wish, I want to do" life list and learn how to add a page to my blog to actually post it.
It's done, I just have to post it. I'll get on that within the next few days! Yay me!


Sonya said...

Oh yes, I remember that moment in Catching Fire. Just when you think it's ok, it's not! Just wait until the last book. There was one thing in there that STILL has me mad!

Meri said...

The minute I tell myself I will not buy an item of clothing for ___ time, I find some incredible find. When I need something new or for a special function, there is nothing... nothing out there.

That makes this particular goal hard! Why does this happen?

Unknown said...

hhmmm I haven't read catching fire but now I'm intruiged!
Way to keep up with the workout list!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

nicely done on the workout list! I always find myself slacking around the holidays and cold winter months but the wii has been a fantastic upper body workout lately!

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