Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Beach Pics

I want to go back!

On the day after thanksgiving we took the dogs for a walk and decided to do an impromptu photo shoot.

But first, you need a little back story. My family loves to harass my husband. He has strong opinions on weird things so it's easy to razz him up.

For example, my husband hates picture Christmas cards. Don't ask. I like them, but he hates them. So, my family decided to tell John that we were going to go out to the beach to take a photo shoot for our Christmas card. He was miserable, but it was hysterical to the rest of us. Seriously, you'd think his childhood dog just passed. The boy looked so dejected when he heard that he had to have his picture taken for a Christmas card. Maybe we shouldn't find his pain funny, but we did. Sorry honey, I love you.

Anyways, first-- I posed with my cousins to show him how it's done.

Then, John got his turn to pose. Amazingly, we both put on matching outfits that day (it was a total coincidence) so we were able to razz him up a bit more about how cute our outfits will look on a card.

He told me that if even one person made fun of him on Facebook for our fake photo shoot, that I would deserve payback. Lori from Kids, Canines and Chaos, you that award (see sidebar for her blog). She made fun of our matching outfits and the fact that I was sitting on a redskins towel (he's a fan, I'm a Steelers fan). I told her that it was fitting--- I wouldn't rub my ass on a Steelers towel. Obvi.

So I'm dying to know-- how do you torture your husband? Does you family play any fun games as well?

It's all in good fun though. WE love you hubs.