Friday, December 10, 2010

Something About Me

When I was 11 or 12 my house was robbed. With me in it.
My parents left me at home with my younger brother and sister while they ran out to the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon.
My brother, sister and I were playing on our playroom when we heard a knock at our mudroom door. I ran to the window a looked down.
I didn't recognize this man so I stayed put- hoping that he would walk away.
He continued to knock.
Then he started yelling. Anyone home? Where are you? Knocking repeatedly.
I whispered for my brother and sister to hide underneath my bed immediately.
Seconds later, I watched the man turn the door knob and walk into my house.
I ran under the bed. I must have made some noise because after a few minutes the man ran out of the house. Taking 1200 dollars worth of brand new hockey equipment with him.
To this day, I try to lock my house doors, especially when I'm in it.


Erin said...

This is one of my greatest fears. Did your parents leave you alone again before you were 17?

Dancy said...

That's TERRIFYING! I don't know what I'd do. The other day I came home from work, the Christmas lights outside were on and the toilet seat was up, with a few things moved in the bathroom. I mean, I know - what robber would wash their hands right? But I freaked out.

Turns out D put the lights on a timer & my Dad (who owns the house) came by to check on something with the broiler. FREAKED me out for a good 45min though. I ran outside & called the hubs and Dad right away. Good thing I did - I almost called 911 first thinking someone was in the house!!

Anonymous said...

How scary?! Yikes! I've not experience a robbery but I always lock my doors.

Anonymous said...

So scary!

Hilary said...

Um, ohmygosh! How scary! This happened to one of my friends when she was in high school and home alone, but she was on the phone with a friend and hid in the closet while the guy walked out with her TV. I'm glad you're still alive & all! :-) I'm a habitual door-locker, too.