Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Blessed Christmas

I'm currently suffering from a slight case of the post Christmas blues. You know, the ones most people get every year when the realize Christmas comes and goes in a blink of the eye. Add that to a sore throat/cold and I'm enjoying my day snuggled up on the couch.

Anyways, I had THE BEST Christmas.

We are so blessed to live within driving distance of both of our families and we had a great time celebrating. On Christmas Eve we went to my parents were we had a fabulous dinner, some drinks and played a few games with my parents and siblings. On Christmas Day, we woke up at my parent's house and had breakfast and opened some presents. As we were lounging on the couch, drinking coffee and opening gifts I looked out of their huge picture window to see snow flakes. It was the most perfect Christmas morning scene and it reminded me of just how special my life is.

At about 10:00 am we left my parent's house and drove over to my husband's parent's house for Christmas day/evening. At their house we opened presents, played with our niece and nephew, and hung out with his extended family.

We were planning on sleeping over at their house, but I wasn't feeling great and we were promised to wake up to significant snow accumulations so we drove home at about 11pm last night. Well we woke up to NO snow (I hate meteorologists) but we did get to sleep in in our own comfy bed.

On top of having a near perfect holiday, we were also spoiled by both sets of parents and siblings! Some highlights include (I'll post pictures eventually)

- a Canon Rebel fancy pants Xs camera (wahoo)
- not 1 but 2 fancy pants coach purses
- Cute little crab shaped drawer pulls from Anthropologie
- 2 sets of our wedding china (for some reason we only got 5 but registered for 12-- now we can have 7 people over for dinner)
- a Steelers Snuggie and Steelers tupperware
- a monogrammed Lands End tote bag
- 4 lbs of french vanilla Dunkin' Donuts coffee
- a fire pit
- 2 gift cards to AT Loft. Hello shopping spree

Technically the fancy pants camera is my husband's gift. But if I didn't tell his mom to buy it for him, he never would have gotten it so I'm totally borrowing it often.

We are blessed and totally spoiled.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!

Erin said...

That sounds fabulous! We received some similar gifts, except I received a new lens for my camera, a Coach and 2 DB bags, and a Zebra print Snuggie! We did have snow in GA, though! Have a great week!

Sonya said...

You got some great stuff! Jealous of the camera! It's on my wish list!

Mrs. S. said...

Sounds like a fabulous Christmas! Enjoy your goodies!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, enjoy hubby's camera!

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I did too.

AndreaLeigh said...

welcome to the world of DSLR! you will love your rebel.

Shaina said...

Wow - such an awesome Christmas! I am totes jealous of your DSLR - I want one sooooooo badly!!! Also - we, too, have 7 place settings of china, despite registering for 12. It kinda sucks. I really wish I had just one more, to have an even 8. 7 is such a weird number.

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