Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Humpday! I'm thrilled to see Wednesday evening.

Here's what I wore this week--

Last Thursday:

White Sweater (one of my faves)- Ann Taylor Loft
Black Pants- Marshalls
Black Flats- Marshalls

Friday- I'm allowed to dress casually, but usually don't partake. I've decide that this winter-- I will.
Hot Pose- Priceless
White Long Sleeve T- The Gap
Jeans- The Gap
Purple Mocs- Target
Purple Scarf- Gift from my secret pal

Saturday & Sunday-- I always forget about these days. I can assure you that I spent 90% of the weekend in my pajamas.

Monday- Also known as the day I wish we had a snow day and didn't dress up
Brown Cowl Neck Top- Lands End Canvas
Khaki Cords- Marshalls
Plaid Flats- American Eagle

Houndstooth Cardigan- Target
Black Pants- Ann Taylor Loft
Red Flats- Marshalls

Wednesday- Also known as GAH, I love cashmere day
Red Sweater- Regular Ann Taylor
Black Necklace- Ann Taylor Loft
Black Pants- Marshalls
Houndstooth Shoes- The Gap


Baby Mama said...

I love that Ann Taylor Loft white sweater. LOVE

Just Add Walter said...

I have the cardigan in the first picture. my friends call it my "cupcake cardigan" because it looks like it has cupcake wrappers on it.

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers on the first cardigan- so cute!! Also the houndstooth cardigan is adorable.

Nicole said...

I really liked Friday's outfit :)

Dancy said...

I'm totally loving that white cardi in the first couple pics!!

Anonymous said...

Love the monday cardigan!

Anonymous said...

I love the flower cardi. I have several from The Limited. Love them!

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