Wednesday, January 5, 2011

16 & Pregnant Revisted

You have have remembered this post about the 16 and pregnant reunion.

Well apparently my husband does not agree with me entirely- and he kinda has a point.

John: I read your blog.

Ashley: Umm okay (thinking: what crazy thing did I say)

Ashley: What did I do?

John: You're talking smack about Dr. Drew. Society can't rely on idiot parents to teach their idiot kids.

Ashley: Ummm

John: You've seen the parents on that show.

Ashley: Wait, you like Dr. Drew?

John: It's amazing that some of them can dress themselves.


Point taken.


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Nicole said...

Well he has an interesting point. the movie Idiocracy is coming true :(

The Sadlon Family said...

No amount of sex ed is going to stop the idiots who can barely dress themselves from procreating.
So on behalf of those of us who actually parent our children; we don't need the school's help, thanks.

Melissa said...

He has a point and it's so sad that society can't trust all parents to teach their kids stuff like that.

Just Add Walter said...

that show is such a train wreck... and also a train wreck that I literally DVR every single week (bad me).

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