Thursday, January 13, 2011

50% Hypochondriac

I am about 50% hypochondriac.

I can't lie. I've wondered if I have cancer or a collapsed lung etc. I've never actually gone to the ER for these ailments, nor do I obsess about them, but the thought of a collapsed lung has crossed my mind briefly at one time or another.

Today, I think I'm developing dementia. I had an MRI of the brain done recently (not for a hypochondric need, for a real need) and thankfully I'm not hypochondriating (new word) about a brain tumor because my six month recheck was only a month or two ago.

So the dementia-- today I took a kid out for testing. When we got into the hall I was like, "Hi, Kid. My name is Ashley.... errrr, ahem.... my name is Mrs. XXXXXX. You can call me Mrs. XXXXXX."

Then.. the other day when we were walking into the grocery store, I told my husband to go get a "table" ahem, that's demented talk for cart and to return the apple (also known as a demented person's movie).

Am I losing it or do things really get worse with age?


Dancy said...

HAHAHA! You're so not alone. The dialogue before bed last night:

Him: Did you feed the cat?
Me: Mmm.Hmmm. *nodding*
Him: You sure you fed the cat? (as he gets up because the cat's crying at our bedroom door).

3 min later...

Him: Hey babe, if by "fed the cat" you meant changed the water in her bowl and left her empty food bowl up on the counter? Good job.

Hah! I'm old. And a moron apparently. LOL :)

Suburban prep said...

You are not alone.
I think that I am hypochondriating half the time and the other half I find out there really is something going on.

Melissa said...

LOL I'm a hypochondriac too! FYI, your memory pretty much goes down the toilet when you get pregnant. I can't keep anything straight anymore!

My biggest thing to be a hypochondriac about right now is pre-term labor. I have no symptoms of it, but still think I have it anytime I get a cramp

Nicole said...

in college I we had to take a Capstone course, ours was something or other... anyway I couldn't get into the one with my major so I took a Gerontology class... you know the study of old people. I figured I'd be old someday let's see what there is to look forward to :). So anyway we learned about all kinds of diseases and every Tuesday night I'd go home thinking I had some new disease. hahaha... Don't worry, I think it gets the best of us... and I'm constantly saying things wrong.

Unknown said...

You think dementia is bad now..wait until you are preggers or have 2 kids...seriously, one day I forgot my own name (married last name) mid conversation with a kid. It was actually pretty scarey.

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