Monday, January 24, 2011

Anthro Inspired Pom Necklace

Ashley Crafts!

{Inspired by the craft-a-licious Little Miss Momma}

*Disclaimer- the first half of my pictures were taken with my blackberry cell phone camera. Then I remembered, OH SHIT, I should use our new camera. Doh.

Materials needed for this sweet little project:
- Cheap felt
- Hot glue gun
- Any color cotton fabric (I used black)
- Scissors
- Chain of your choice
- Hot tea- Cinnamon Vanilla via Trader Joes to be exact

Step One: Cut out five small felt circles

Step Two: Using the felt circles as a model, stack some black fabric and cut that into circles. You'll need a lot and they do NOT need to be perfect.

Step Three: Scrunch up your black fabric one petal at a time

Step Four: Put some hot glue on the bottom of the scrunched up fabric and stick on your felt circle. You'll need at least 10-15 scrunched pieces for each felt circle.

Step Five: Finish doing that for all five felt circles. Next, arrange your poms on a large piece of felt.

Step Six: Hot glue gun each pom to the large felt.

Step Seven: Hot glue the chain onto the back of the felt (sorry, I missed a picture of this step somehow).

Step Eight: Cut around the edges of the felt/poms until you end up with this....

Step Nine: Model it in your bathroom mirror.

Not bad, eh?

Step Ten: Marvel in the mirror and think, I am a domestic goddess.

Helpful Hints: I plan on making another one of these-- a brown one but I'm going to buy BROWN felt.

I used white this time around and it's still a tiny bit noticeable against the black. If you want to make black poms, go with the black felt as well.


Andnowlights said...

This turned out SO cute!!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I'm definitely going to have to try this!!!

Melissa said...

Looks great!

Gwen said...

Love this!!! I'm thinking I might have to make some cute pom headbands using this technique for the Diva's. XOXO

Jules said...

Thanks for sharing, Ashley! I love it. Our necklaces turned out very similar, except the fabric color.

This was such a fun craft to make!

Unknown said...

great job!! I LOVE it!! so cute!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Adorable! And a tip. You can buy felt in any shade in the kids craft section near the markers and foam things. A square is usually@$0.33/each and should be large enough to make 2-3 necklaces. That way you are not stuck with a half yard of leftovers.

Baby Mama said...

LOVE it!

Jackie said...

fun!! i love your crafts :)

Unknown said...

I love it!!! It turned out fabulous! And you can wear black with anything!!! Umm besides brown. SO a brown one is in order! :)

Sara McCarty said...

Oh wow! That is super cute! Great necklace and tutorial! And I'm totally loving the last picture of you with the attitude!

Megan said...

I love this!! I have been itching to start crafting again..will have to remember this & the vday rosettes post :)

PattyAnn said...

Nice! I love it, I'm going to try.

KiraAJ said...

Way to cute darls! Love the last pic of u in the mirror :)

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