Saturday, January 1, 2011

Decade in Review

The end of a decade.

in 2000 I was finishing up the second half of my freshman year of college.

I was in the practice of visiting fraternities in tight black pants and drinking busch light right out of the bottle.

In the last decade, I've graduated three times.

in 2003 from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and another in Sociology.

In 2005 from Tufts University with a Masters in School Psychology

In 2007 from Tufts University with a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Psychology.

I started off this decade living in a dorm room in Amherst, Massachusetts. Since that dorm room I've lived in Boston, Massachusetts; Reston, Virginia; and Annapolis, Maryland.

In this past decade I've held jobs as a student security officer (whhhhat, but true), a waitress, another waitress, and another waitress, and as a school psychologist.

I've taken some amazing trips this decade. Acapulco, Mexico; Las Vegas; New Orleans; Antigua; Bahamas; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico; St. Thomas to name a few.

Since 2000 I dated some winners and losers and said yes to the best man I know in November 2008.

in 2009 I married my main man.

In the last ten years I've learned that there is more to life than what jeans you wear.

I've learned that I can count my true friends on one hand and that that is more than okay.

In 2010 I still feel like that same 19 year old in a 29 year old body.

In the last ten years I entered adulthood.

It's about time. I'll be thirty in 2011.

Here's to the next decade. If it's anything like the last, it is sure to be simply amazing.


Baby Mama said...

Loved the recap! Happy 2011!

Unknown said...

So funny..I just posted almost the exact same thing in different words. I LOVE it. You say it so well. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute, touching, AND funny. Thanks for posting that! Sounds like an amazing decade :) Oh! And I think I stopped aging at 22. For sure. :)

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