Sunday, January 30, 2011


DUDES. I am so cool right now.

I just modified HTML......

..... and I don't even know what HTML means.

If you are reading in reader, go ahead, click on my blog. Look at those fancy new pages up there.

I was trying to work with Bloggers "Pages" but they blow (blew) because you can't customize much of anything through blogger.

Well, thankfully I came across this little lady on the internet and read her tutorial. It was so easy that even a non HTML reading person could do it.

You know, I may need to go buy a custom domain name now that I'm such an internet goddess.


KiraAJ said...

U r one clever lil dickiebird :) ive tryed playin with that stuff....and i messed a whole bunch of stuff up LOL so i gave up! Hubby has tryed to help me but i just end up gettin frustrated lol..

Kileen said...

just sent you an email. i'd suggest removing the width=4% field in your html. hopefully that'll have the labels auto-center instead of using the specified centering space. :)

cute and little

Anonymous said...

You can buy your domain through Blogger or an outside service. Either way, it's a whopping $10!

Anonymous said...

I just tried this. Saw where you were having problems with the centering issue, and I think I semi-fixed mine. I changed my table width from 980px to 700px, and it centered it more. It took me forever to finally get it situated though! You might have to change yours to something other than 700 though, but after a try or two, it gets easier to see what it should be. Hope this helps!

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