Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Goals

Since my December goals were so successful, here's another go at it.

{I will be maintaining monthly goals in lieu of resolutions as monthly goals are so much easier to attain and maintain}

Goal 1. Menu plan every day in January, at least one week in advance. I started menu planning last spring and I was doing so well with it. We saved money, we always had the ingredients necessary, and I never came home wondering about what I could throw together for dinner. During the summer, I was at my best and I was menu planning one month in advance. Damn, I was good. November screwed me up. We went on a nine day cruise, we spent a week on the beach at thanksgiving and I quit planning menus. I must get back to it for the sake of my sanity and my wallet. It's so much easier to say lets hit up Five Guys or Chipotle when I don't have a meal planned and purchased.

Goal 2. Use our cash envelopes. I also stopped doing this during our busy November. Prior to November we would withdraw a set amount of cash to pay for all groceries and entertainment all month. Once the cash ran out, we ate from the pantry and stayed in. This really helped keep our spending in check-- something that we should have paid better attention to in November/December.

Goal 3. I am going to try the no shopping thing again-- I may NOT buy any clothing unless I use a gift card or purchase shoes. I really need new flats and new wedge shoes. Those will be allowed. =)

Goal 4. Loosely follow this work out. Seriously, this man is amazing. Anyways, I mean loosely follow it because I'm not going to follow the diet -- it consists of eating cornish hens and other whack meats (and because I love food to0 much). I'm not going to follow his cardio routines either. He recommends the stair master, the bike and the treadmill. Those are all cool, but I find no better high than the one I get at zumba/step/group exercise classes.

I will follow his strength training exercises which are so fabulous, require very little equipment, and that I can do in front of the TV three times per week.

I will also do cardio on my own three times per week for one hour. With his book, you really only need to do half hour cardio sessions, but I'll do more because I think working out is so so so fun*. It relives anxiety, helps me sleep better, and I feel so much better after busting my ass for an hour.

*I used to dread working out but that was when I was primarily using machines. True, the stair master and eliptical get really, really boring after half an hour and I could never stick with it. If this sounds like you, try a group exercise class. They are SO motivating. If you're weird about people watching you or have social anxiety just try it once. No one is watching you that closely and you'll find that there is at least someone at the class that is less coordinated.

Long story short-- I will go to the gym for cardio 3x per week in January and I will strength train 3x per week as well.

Goal 5. This one may kill my husband but no dining out for the entire month of January unless someone else is treating us (or if already planned and on our agenda- one occasion). We are really considering a baby so we're gonna see how much we can realistically save in one month.

I'll check in mid month with an update!


Erin said...

We have many of the same goals, so keep me accountable here and via Twitter!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Not going out for an entire month would certainly save some cashola! I will be cheering your on from my own pantry ;)

Sonya said...

I was just telling my husband today that I wanted to get back to only going to the store every other week. When I was meal planning for 1 month we were making 1 big purchase for the month and then going every week or so for stuff that had short shelf life. I'm going to try every 2 weeks this time because it was saving us money doing it that way. Having it figured out for a month was convenient, but I found we didn't end up using all of those meals either so I'm going to try 2 weeks at a time and see how that goes. I do know that we stopped eating out so much when we were doing it. And like you guys, we lost our momentum in November & December so I'm going to remember that next year when I plan!

Ashalee said...

Good luck with the goals! I like the setting of monthly goals instead! Also the envelopes, I've always needed to do that. I should start.

Unknown said...

Great goals!!! The menu planning is definitely something I need to try! :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on not eating out. It's hard.