Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Real Favorites

I do love that little kitty (see below), but here are my favorite non-G rated You Tube videos.

I'm warning you-- there are like 234234345344523423 F words in this next video, but I love it. I have a major crush on Andy Sandberg and my husband and I bust out this tune ALL. THE. TIME.

My favorite days are those in which my husband walks in the front door blasting this on this phone.

Note: yes, we have danced to this in the tator tot aisle.

My other favorite You Tube video is almost as R-rated and I could listen to it on repeat all night.


Unknown said...

My Husband's ringtone for a LONG time was I'm on a Boat -- we laugh at that song every time it's on =) I think it's his favorite songs haha

Jackie said...

Have you seen Great Day? F-in hilarious!

Sonya said...

The one about Mother's Day cracked me up too!

Anonymous said...

Dick in a Box never gets old.

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