Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, Michelle

From this point forward (until otherwise noted) do not name your daughter Michelle.

The past two seasons of the Bachelor should have taught you that.

How can someone so pretty be so psychotic?

Okay now vote-- who's worse-- this Michelle or Jake's Michelle?

I kinda vote for this Michelle.

My favorite quotes so far:

"You and I are kind of in a fight. Like, this is our first fight."

"When I kiss Brad, I'm going to give him, like, a sensual, sexy, slithery kiss. Fireworks are going to be going off in the back."

"I would love if some of these ninjas would just kidnap some of these other girls. Throw a bag over their heads and take them off and just haul them to, like, the desert."

"Soon enough it will be over and they will be gone and it will just be me an Brad in Tahiti, practicing making babies."

BTW.. is she 30 yet?


Shaina said...

Bahahaha. This Michelle is TOTALLY crazy. I still haven't figured out if she is more or less crazy than the last Michelle, though - she was pretty whack, too. I will reserve judgement until this Michelle CONSTANTLY threatens to go home, just because she wants Brad to tell her to stay. Gah.

Sonya said...

I didn't watch the Jake one, but this one drive me NUTS! She is insane! I love how last week she was complaining that all the other girls were acting like 19 year olds and I honestly thought that she was the one acting that age, not them! She is just plain crazy!

M said...

bahahaha omg, I almost posted about this but thank you for doing it for me. This Michelle is crazier.

Melissa said...

Michelle is totally batshit crazy!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

She's the one that did the whole spirit fingers fireworks display thing, right!?! Whoa nutso!!!

PattyAnn said...

Ahhh, I gotta catch up! I stopped reading, before I caught too much.

Bethany said...

I haven't seen the old Michelle but this one sure is quite a peach...

Ashley said...

OK So i don't watch this show but those quotes made her sound like a complete idiot if nothing else. why do people do this to themselves? it's like they are showing the world how ridiculous they are and when it doesn't work out, no one will want them because they are SO crazy haha

Baby Mama said...

It's my birthday. My 30th birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I love birthdays.

I find her more annoying than the Michelle in Jake's season. But you're right. No child of mine will be named Michelle. Can't risk it.

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