Monday, January 10, 2011

So What Monday?

Yeah, it doesn't rhyme. So sue me.
So what if...... I'm STALKING, WBALTV, and Foots Forecast every five minutes praying that nothing changes and crossing my fingers that this poor weather they speak of starts before 5am tomorrow. Ha.
So what if......My Lady freakin' GaGa ringtone goes off in the midst of an IQ test.  Oops, my phone doesn't usually work at work. 
So what if......I eat pretzels and string cheese for breakfast Monday-Friday. It's 170 calories and it tastes damn good in the car. 
So what if......(coincidently) 99% of my wardrobe is purple. I REFUSE to wear any purple this week because I despise the Baltimore Ravens (ahem, and most of their fans) and I do not want to be mistaken for a fan.  I will resume wearing purple next Monday. 


Brittany said...

All of your so whats crack me up! I've been stalking the mentioned weather stations as well as ABC2 and WJZ haha :)

I come from a Raven's loving family, however, M is a HUGE Redskins fan and his dad is a Steelers fan. I tend to not like Raven's fans either, no worries. I think you're smart for not wearing purple until next week because I don't see the Raven's beating the Steelers.

Melissa said...

We're supposed to get that snowstorm Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so I've been stalking too! I could really use a snow day!

Megan said...

Happy Monday!
I gave you an award on my blog! :)
Check it out here,

KiraAJ said...

hehe i like this so what monday!

Sonya said...

I too am hoping if the snow is going to come it arrives before 5am too! I think the pretzels and string cheese sounds pretty good actually!

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