Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday House Pictures

With all that talk about my house, I figured that I should show you some pictures to make things easier and to outline our cheapness.

This is an older picture of my dining room. I'm not taking a new one tonight because it's a hot mess. When we moved in it was HIDEOUS. It had farmhouse wall paper and was all blue.

We totally made this room our own (or my own, ha). The table set was 250 bucks from Value City about three years ago. I love love love it, but it has gotten really nicked up and the finish is ruined. I'm not sure how to fix it though. Wah. The light fixture was donated by my parents- they were over it. The curtains were there and the owner left that little hutch (which is now upstairs)
I sewed all the chair cushions myself. The corner hutch is still there, decorated with a few more things and that was also a gift from the owner.

This china cabinet has since replaced that smaller white hutch in the first picture. We purchased this bad boy from a friend for under 200 bucks. We needed it after the wedding to store our new china. I took this picture tonight- which is why there is a snowman on there. Ha.

Our hallway. I love the pictures in this photo collage. I did that with some black and white prints and some five dollar frames.

Here's our bathroom which we also repainted and that has new faux wood flooring. The shelf was 20 dollars at Kmart and the mirror was free via a blog giveaway. The entire bathroom remodel cost less than 200 bucks (new floor, paint, floor boards, light fixture).

And finally, our living room. I took these pictures tonight with my camera phone so it's not spick and span. Yes, I have a DSLR camera but use a camera phone. I suck. I just need my husband to teach me how to upload from a DSLR.

The couch is a POS from value city. We hate that thing. The side tables were also from value city and set us back about 100 bucks. The art is from ebay. I sewed the pillows myself. Our coffee table/ottomans are from walmart. The TV stand is from Target. The TV was a gift from my husband's parents.

Notice Snap- he's such an attention whore. The chair & ottoman in this picture is from Ikea- perhaps the most expensive thing that we've bought for a whopping 250 bones. The bookshelf is also from Ikea. It's not supposed to sit horizontally like that but I do what I want and I live on the edge. The books are organized by color b/c I'm anal. The pillow is from Pottery Barn.

Here's our other couch! It was a gift from my parents from Crate and Barrel about 7 yrs ago. There's more ebay art and more hand sewn pillows. There's a sneak peak of our kitchen, which is really a kitchen for ants and midgets. It's a galley, but it's just enough for us. I can barely keep up with keeping this house clean so I'm cool with our small kitchen.

When we moved in the walls were all a nice, boring shade of white. We painted and we redid all the window treatments. We had blinds, but I replaced those with some bamboo shades from Target and white sheers from Lowes.

So there you have it. Maybe I'll clean sometime soon and let you in the upstairs and/or basement. Get psyched.


minnja said...

I love it! So beautiful!



Katy said...

Your home is lovely!

Erin said...

I love it. =)

Melissa said...

I love your house and I really like the striped paint job in the bathroom!

ms. mindless said...

LOVE everything. and, i kind of want to move into your bathroom. is that weird? haha!

Gwen said...

Gorgeous!!! I really love the bathroom. I think I might have to do something like that ours. :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

I love the white chair in the living room! You have a very cute house and I like the china hutch too.

Nicole said...

I love your bathroom... and I hate bathrooms... LOL, but it's so clean and classic. In your last post you were mentioning your square footage vs other peoples. Our house I think is 1,600. Just think though... those who have the bigger could possibly be up to their arse in debt... you just never know. But you have a lovely home!

Shaina said...

Your house is awesome! I love it. Especially love that your kitchen is only for ants and midgets. We had a kitchen just like that in Virginia!

Anonymous said...

We have a decent couch, but seriously need a chair and ottoman. My husband bought a gigantic tv instead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I really want to find a hutch similar to yours for the kitchen/dining area. I want something that size and in white.

AndreaLeigh said...

so cute! i love the mirror in your bathroom!

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