Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Earlier this weekend I tweeted that I wanted to repaint our bedroom.

I want to repaint our bedroom, buy a crappy dresser on craigslist and refinish it, and upholster our headboard (to be exact), but don't tell my husband about the other two projects.

My husband hates my projects. He especially hates my painting projects. He prefers to spend his weekends relaxing, drinking beer, and doing whatever else boys do when girls aren't looking.

It's not my fault that I painted our entire living room as soon as we moved in and hated the color two months later and wanted to repaint. I (also) got that from my mother.

I try to explain to him that he is a LUCKY man. I want to change paint. Paint is like 20 dollars a gallon. Things could be SO much worse.

You'd think that I was asking the man for a new couch or a new car.

He just doesn't understand.

although, now that I mention it.... A new couch would be lovely.

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