Monday, February 21, 2011

Fab In February

For February, hopeandthedresscode and aworkingmomscloset are hosting "Fabulous in February." Every Monday in February, they ask us all to name three things that we just love about ourselves.

Wow, now that we're in our third week, it is hard to come up with things for Fab in Feb! Here goes nothing....

1) I love the color of my eyes. Sometimes they are blue, sometimes they are green and they always have gold flecks in them.

2) I love my smile. I love that I love to smile. I LOVE to smile at strangers. I hope I can make someones' day everyday with a simple smile.

3) I love how independent I am. I lived alone through graduate school and for a few years after and it taught me SO much about myself. I know what I like, I know what makes me happy, and I can spend an entire day with myself and still have a nice day. I know a lot of people that need (crave) to be with others all the time. I'm thankful that I am not like that. I'm happy being with me.


Melissa said...

These are such awesome qualities. I've always been fiercely dependent and wish that I could learn to be okay with being on my own.

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Unknown said...

good for you girl!!
my mom has gold flecks in her eyes =) I just have eyes that range from blue to gray to green lol =)

M @ Cardigans and Cupcakes said...

I love #3. I am very independent too. I am an only child and my parents used that to make me indepedent and not rely on them when I was growing up. I think its a great characteristic.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I PROMISE I'll stop pointing out our similarities, but I almost wrote something very similar to your #3. I LOVE being alone and have always cherished the time that I lived alone as well. Great positives!

Unknown said...

I am totally with you on #3. It actually might be my favorite thing about myself and I love when I hear about other independent woman. P.S.....your eyes are beautiful!