Monday, February 7, 2011


Exhausted is an understatement.
I could NOT sleep last night and when I did, it was fitful. 
My normally lovely cats decided to knock a hammer off of our dresser onto the floor at 4am. Hmmmm.
My beloved football team lost last night.  I may have spent at least a good 10 minutes crying after the game.  It was so close, it was within reach, but it's okay.  They are still the second best team in the entire world of Football and that's pretty good and better than not making it at all.
I've said this all along (well only for the last three-ish years)-- that if my team had to lose to any team I would want it to be the Redskins or the Packers.
The Redskins because it would make my husband's decade.  The Packers, because I strongly dislike Brett Farve and this superbowl win must a slap in the face for him.  He needs that. Just liked he needed to retire 5 years ago.
I may have drank too much last night, but I can't be sure. 
I drank no more than usual, but I had to wake myself up at 1am to force myself to vomit.  The room was spinning.  It may have been the beer, but I think it was from the adrenaline and high blood pressure football playoffs induce. Ha.
Add that to a feast of buffalo chicken dip, peirogies, kielbasa, and buffalo tenders and you have a vom-fest. 
I have been at work since 7:20 this morning though.  Despite a strong desire to call out sick, the show must go on.  I was scheduled to report psychological testing results at 8am this morning.  I'm gonna have to warn them about scheduling meetings the day after the superbowl next year. =)
Although it's not in our forecast and spring is projected to arrive in Maryland next week (according to the news), I could really use a snow storm to arrive between 3am-10am every morning this week. Four-ish hours of sleep is NOT cutting it.


Unknown said...

the game last night was a big disappointment =/ The Steelers out played the Packers FOR SURE...except for the turnovers. Oh well -- there is always next year. And, hey, we know what it is like to cheer for a losing team. We have become spoiled with the talent we currently have on the field =)
I hope you get to feeling better -- I hate overeating and drinking too much to go along with it =/

Here's to a happier/better/more awake Tuesday =)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sorry you feel bad! Hope the day went by fast!

Sonya said...

I usually make it through Mondays ok. But today after 4 snow days last week it was crazy today! We were supposed to be testing last week so we had to rearrange it for this week. And then there were other things going on that I felt like I deserved to be paid more just for today alone!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a rouch night!! Hope you made it through the day ok!!! :)