Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

Brought to you and me by Roots and Rings.

1. Any vacations you are looking forward to this summer?

Well, the hubs and I have already taking two HUGE vacations in less than 375 days (a week in Antigua and a 9 day Eastern Caribbean cruise) so I don't see any romantic vacations on the horizon for us. We are going to spend a little less than a week on the Eastern Shore with his family this summer. That should be lovely.

2. What is your favorite article of summer clothing (shoes are included)?

Flip flops. I love nothing more than my reef flip flops. It's like walking on a cloud.

3. What is your favorite summer drink (alcoholic or non)?

Homemade Mojitos. Margaritas. Bud Light Lime. Sauvingnon Blanc

4. Do you tan or burn?

I think I spent so much time trying to tan when I was younger that I tan quite easily now. I can't remember the last time I burned. I think I was 13.

5. Any goals you are working toward this summer?

Well, I'd love to relax. Become more mindful. Cross a few things off my life list.

6. What is your favorite summertime food?

Watermelon! Strawberries! Strawberry Shortcake! Popsicles! Cheeseburgers! Pasta Salad! Grilled Corn on the Cob! Shrimp! Crab! Lobster! BBQ!

7. What song most says “summer” to you?

Kenny Chesney's "Summertime." It's my ring tone every summer.

8. Any home improvement goals planned for this summer?

Well, if money were free I'd gut and redo the entire basement. I'd also put hardwood throughout the first floor and put new carpet upstairs. But realistically, no. My parents do still owe us crown moulding though....

9. What is one thing you hate to see at the beach?


... and rain.

10. Did you ever go to a summer camp?

Ya, but I don't remember what it was called. I only recall being terrified of the snapping turtles that lived in the lake.


Kelly said...

Awww, this summer post was too much fun :-) Summer is soooo far away it's not even funny. I LOVE wearing sundresses in summer and two summery foods to me are cheeseburgers and what we call "white trash boat dip" that we bring on the boat each time we take it out-- potatoe salad with fritos scoops ;-)

Unknown said...

thanks for stopping by and saying hi! we have a lot in common. love me some flip flops and margaritas too! and i just love your craft ideas. i'm a follower!

Bethany said...

Flip flops! I hear you...It got to be about 60* here for a few days this past week and you betcha I pulled out those flip flops! LOL :)

Unknown said...

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