Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Can you believe that it is already Wednesday?

I've had an overwhelming sense of gratitude this week. My life is so full and I'm so appreciative. I love the weeks when I can't wait to eat it all up and to bask in the contentedness that is (and has been) my life. Over the last few years I feel like this most weeks. I think it's because I have the life that I only dreamed about in my early twenties.

I am feeling a little bit nauseous today, and I think I may puke at any moment. I rushed home, put on my PJs and haven't moved from the couch. That being said, I'm still grateful to be here on this earth (puke or no puke). I blame the kids. I watched a few throw up already today.

Okay, now on to the outfits this week.

If you want to see hundreds of other girls and the clothes they wore this week, check out our What I Wore Wednesday host, The Pleated Poppy.

Thursday- Work-

Black Painters Dress (you can't tell but their is a floral detail)- Target ($20)
Purple Cardigan- Lands End Canvas ($15)
Black Tights- AT Loft ($5)
Black Suede Wedges- Target ($30)

Friday- Work

Purple Cowl Neck Dress- Target ($15)
Brown Cardigan- AT Loft ($20)
Tights- AT Loft ($5)
Boots- Anthropologie ($120)

Saturday- Dinner Party with Friends- the hubs took this picture. I'm not feeling my face in these pictures.

Black Cowl Neck Dress- Target ($15)
Greenish-Blue Cardigan- Gap ($11)
Tights- AT Loft ($5)
Boots- Old Navy ($23)

Sunday-- FOOTBALL Day. I didn't actually wear this for the game. Just to visit John's 100 year old grandma. The pose is EXTRA special for you!

A rare glimpse at my eyes and ears. ha.

I'm happy to report that my highlights are still holding up-- I think I got them right before Christmas. If you'd like to see my natural hair color- check out the bottom half of my head. I don't dye anything underneath--- ever. I only get mohawk partials every time.

Steelers Hoodie- Walmart Little Boys Section ($13)
Steelers Tee- Station Square (Pgh) Little Boys Shop ($10)
Yoga Pants- Walmart ($11)
Sneaks- Ryka- they are actually zumba dance shoes ($40)

Monday- This blurry look. My point and shoot sucks apparently.

Black Cowl Neck Sweater- Marshalls ($20)
Black/Gray Houndstooth Pants- Target ($20)
Black Flats- Lands End ($20)

Tuesday- Work

Black Pleated Skirt- The Gap ($20)
Gray Cardigan- The Gap ($11)
Black Tights- AT Loft ($5)
Black Flats- Lands End ($20)
Black Tank- Target ($6)
Necklace- NY and Co ($12)

Wednesday- Today!

Red Cardigan- AT Loft ($20)
White Tank- Old Navy ($6)
Black Pants- AT Loft ($25)
Black Flats- Lands End ($20)


Melissa said...

My favorite outfit is today's!!! That bright color is fantastic and I love anything belted. Belts are perfection! You look awesome!

Kristina said...

Love, love love those tights! So great!
Kristina J.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love today's outfit as well! I mean they are all great but I really love that red cardigan!

Anonymous said...

I had a cute mirror to take outfit pictures in. My husband wouldn't ever hang it on the back of the door so my kids ended up breaking it. I need to pick up another.

AG said...

I always look forward to this post in the week. I think it's so fun! This is coming from the girl that takes a picture of her nail polish every time I get a new color and keep an album on facebook. So I totally appreciate WIWW. And I totally think we have similar clothes taste. :)

Kelly said...

The outfits are so great! Love todays look (err, Wednesday) :-) I have been known to buy little boys sports clothes at Walmart before too! What a good price ;-)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I'm kinda jealous of your cute outfits! :) How do fit in clothes from the little boys section!! Awesome!!! Also jealous! ;)

University of Iowa Meg said...

I am LOVIN' me some Target. And those boots from Old Navy!! Awesome! :) Thanks for this post...oh and the fact that you aren't a Green Bay fan ranks you pretty high in my book!

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