Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yarn Wreath

I've seen a bunch of yarn wreaths floating around the web and I wanted to try my hand at my own.

For materials, I purchased a huge roll of yarn and a 12 inch foam wreath form.

Basically, you just tie a knot around the wreath form and start rolling.

and rolling.

and rolling.

Holy crap this took forever. It was tedious too.

After what felt like a million years, and like 5 TV shows (I couldn't do it in one sitting, I did it over the course of 2 weeks) I ended up with this.

This yarn wreath was supposed to be for my secret pal at work. My secret pal will NOT be getting this yarn wreath. If I spend hours and hours on an item I'm keeping it for myself. Sorry.

I may make a 6 inch version for my secret pal. 12 inches took far too long and looks far too cute to give away.

Now, to make the flowers, cut out 2-3 inch strips of felt. Put a small line of glue at the very edge of the strip and fold the entire thing over.

Then, on the part that does not have the glue, start cutting tiny little notches down the entire yarn strip.

Then, start rolling. You'll want to use glue to keep the flowers rolled. Score one for me. I barely burned myself this time around.

To make a giant flower, fold over and glue two strips.....

Then hot glue them together to make a huge, giant, extra long strip :)

This is what the large flowers look like. Pretty, right?

I like to make a mix of small and large flowers. At this time I also cut out some green felt to make some leaves. I just free hand this.

Next, I used straight pins to attach the leaves to my wreath form. Now, you are more than welcome to glue these babies on. I decided against it because the wreath form took a bajillion hours to complete. The push pins will allow me to switch the flowers in/out whenever I wish.

Next, I just placed my flowers in a way that was aesthetically pleasing to me. Once again, I used straight pins to attach the flowers.

Look what we have here-- I made this with a tiny bit of glue and a few 2 inch strips of felt.

Then, I just went into my ribbon stash to find a ribbon that was color coordinated and springy.

Ta DAAAAA! Isn't she beautiful?

I am sad to take down my valentines day rosette wreath, but V-day is over.

Thankfully, I think this one looks pretty cute for spring!

Let me know if you decide to try this for yourself! Although the yarn bit took forever, it was so worth it. This wreath is seriously adorable in person.

What type of wreath should I attempt next?

I wanted to make a Birthday present/Virginia Tech wreath for my sister-in-law or a wreath for my mother-in-law but the hubs doesn't think they'd like one which is fine. Not everyone is down with homemade things. Instead, I'll just make more for us. Any fun ideas?

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Kelly said...

CUTE!! I'm always looking for crafts that don't require a sewing machine. I'm REALLY going to put this on the top of my to-do list because it seems so easy, and SO cute! I think I'll make a KU one for March Madness and then a springy one for our VERY MUCH welcomed spring :-) Thanks for the fun craft!

Jules said...

My friend and I are going to attempt a craft night this weekend and I think I just found my idea! I’m scared of how long the yarn will take to wrap though. It looks completely worth it though.

The wreath looks fantastic and so pretty for spring. You really did a nice job! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Gwen said...

This is so gorgeous!!! I have your wreat tutorials starred in my reader so when things slow down I can come back and attempt them for myself. Love the purples for spring!!!

AndreaLeigh said...

so cute ashley! thanks for the tutorial!

AG said...

I love this! I'm going to try it out asap. I just realized I needed a new project. Maybe I'll do one for St. Patrick's Day and put shamrocks on it!

Thanks for the inspiration!

KiraAJ said...

I LOVE this wreath its absolutely gorgeous! How creative! Definately will have to give this a try when it starts getting cooler here in australia! Hope your well darls!

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