Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bachelor Finale

Inquiring minds want to know (seriously) about my thoughts on the bachelor finale.

Well, I thought that it was VERY romantic. 

I've loved Emily from the start.  What I wouldn't give to be as pretty as she is? The girl is gorgeous.

I know that reality Steve promised that Brad picked Chantal at first, but lets be honest. What guy wouldn't pick Emily? Plus, Brad would look like a pretty big d-bag if he didn't pick the girl with the deceased fiance and child (and just strung her along for 12 episodes). 

I think it was pretty obvious from the start of the finale episode that Chantal was out the door. There was a connection in previous episodes, but Brad was ALL ABOUT Emily in the last one.

Do I think Chantal is fun? Sure.  But I also think that she is desperate.  I don't think Chantal & Brad would have worked out.  Yes, I know she said that she was in love with him -- many, many times-- even the first week in fact-- but I don't think it was love. I think it was desperation.

Rumor has it that Chantal was only divorced for TWO months before she fell in "love" with Brad.  The season stopped taping 6 weeks ago and she's already in love with a new man and announced it on the After the Final Rose show.  I think someone is in love with the idea of being love.  No one falls in love three times, with three different men in a manner of 4 months.  Sorry. You may think she's cool. I think she's desperate.

Now, on to the proposal.  So romantic.  Reminded me of my own husband up there. =)

I truly hope they work out.  I want to believe that more than 3 out of 15 couples can make it simply because I love this show.

After watching the After the Final Rose show I'm skeptical.

I have a feeling that the sweet, innocent Emily that was portrayed on TV isn't nearly the same girl that she is with the cameras off and the doors closed.  No one can be that perfect in real life.  Plus, she's obviously feisty if she has already canceled and wedding and broken up with him once post taping.

Emily is upset about the relationships that Brad formed with the other ladies and expressed a lot of jealousy surrounding it.  I see her point. It has to be hard to see Brad with Chantal and Ashley.... HOWEVER.... she has seen the bachelor.  Anyone that has seen the bachelor should know to expect that the man is forced to date 25 other women.  That's just part of the process. I do think Emily is taking it a tad bit too far.  It's what you signed up for.

About the "Don't poke the bear comment."  What do you ladies think of that? Do you think that Brad is physically abusive or just yells a lot? I'm intrigued by the comment and would love to learn more about what that means.  I believe that Brad has problems.  He's cute. I'm sure girls have wanted to date/marry him in the past.  To be 38 without a single proposal or prior marriage is interesting to me.... it leads me to believe that he must be hard to live/deal/share a life with or that he has a big dark secret.

Only time will tell.

I for one and totally team Emily and Brad. I have my fingers crossed that they can stay together. Gosh, can you imagine what their babies will look like?


Nap Mom said...

You are right - she is so pretty. She looked great in the After the Final Rose show.

I know that the premise of Bachelor is that he will simultaneously date 30 women. However, I feel like some of their answers to some of Chris' questions were a bit cryptic. But, Emily clearly stated that after watching the shows... she was surprised at how much of a connection she and Brad had from the start and she felt that some things should have been saved for her... if he did in fact know that SHE was the one, not Chantel. Based on Emily's comments and some things Chantel said, I feel like this hurt was referring to some things that happened between Brad and Chantel in the fantasy suite - that's just my gut feeling. Additionally, the other couples confirmed that they too had rough Monday nights once the show started airing, so I am trying not to be so hard on Emily.

Either way, I really want them to work out. I hope they took the advice of the other couples and are able to move on.

I haven't watched the show the past couple seasons and this was a great way to get back into the swing of things.

Team Brad and Emily all the way!

Melissa said...

Emily is gorgeous! I think it was pretty obvious very early on that Brad was into her the most, which is why I was so shocked when Reality Steve was saying that he picked Chantal at first. He told Emily he loved her and promised her roses when he wasn't supposed to, it was just very clear to me that he wanted her.

I hope they can make it too, but like you, I'm skeptical after watching the After The Final Rose special. I also agree that there must be something up with Brad to be a successful, attractive man and have no marriage or anything by age 36.

Amber said...

I agree with you! I love these 2 together. It just seems like such an odd couple, because as you said--Brad being 38 with no marriage proposals, and Emily having her tragic past but LOOK at how GORGEOUS she is, it has to be easy for her to date....I think she isn't quite ready just yet to let go and isn't confident that she WON'T get hurt. So she pushes people away. I got such a different read on her during the ATFR show. It made me sad....BUT...I am hoping and praying they work through this!

Sonya said...

I pray they'll work it out. I think he is head over heels because he just had this certain way he would act around Emily. It will be interesting to see what happens!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I hope they work out and at least appreciate that they were honest, or at least Emily was really real. My husband works with Chantals .... new boys ... brother!! LOL

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