Monday, March 28, 2011

Cat vs. Dog

I was never a cat person. I used to think that cats were spawns of satan (after an unfortunate event with our family cat 20 some odd years ago-- it involved puncture wounds and a cat that would not remove itself from my calf). 
I shocked myself when I walked into the SPCA almost 4 years ago for a dog and came home with 2 cats.  What can I say, kittens are pretty damn cute.  Mine were cuter than all the dogs in sight.
I love my cats.  I think that cats are totally trainable.  Most cats are trained to be asses because their owners don't pay much attention to them.  I made sure that I spent time holding and loving on them (so they like to be touched and held now) and touching their teeth and paws (so I can care for them easily without any problems whatsoever). 
Our new puppy has given me a whole new appreciation for my cats.
Holy crap cats are easy. 
Lets look at potty training-- CAT vs DOG
I took my palm sized kittens into the room where their litter box is the moment I took them out of their crate for the first time, showed them it and they have been potty trained ever since.
My dog loves to pee like fifty million times a day. She's a girl so when she sits it looks like she's peeing and when she's peeing it looks like she's sitting. It's pretty hard to monitor.
Now lets look at cuddling. It's hard to cuddle a wriggling, energetic, rapidly growing puppy. 
Cuddling with a cat is amazing.  They can curl up into balls and their purrs seriously warm your heart.  Did you know that research shows that cuddling with a kitty can save lives, turn around a bad day and lower blood pressure? It's true. 
Come to think of it, my cats don't cry when I leave the room and they've never eaten the leg off of my coffee table either.
Yes, I love my new puppy but cats have a bad rep.  I'd take 10 more cats over another puppy ANYDAY. 


Pink, Green, and Southern said...

OMG I thought the same thing when I got Cricket. Keep with the housebreaking thing though. It took Cricket a long time (I think boy dogs are easier to housebreak because they have to mark their territory or whatev). I couldn't live without her today, but back then I wanted to strangle her on a daily basis.

It gets better, I promise!

Syndal said...

aw I love this post! I did the same thing with my cat when she was a kitten-lots of affection and messing with her teeth and paws so she lets me do stuff when I need to now!

Melissa said...

I love both cats and dogs, but I am so a cat person! They're much easier to train, like you said, and you can leave them with a clean litter box, tons of food, and water for a few days and they're fine

Dancy said...

I also wanted a dog & ended up with a cat. She was a stray. She found me. Dogs are way more fun & personable but cats are totally trainable. Mine knows she's not allowed on the couch and there are entire rooms which she's not allowed in (the bedroom's 1). She's pretty good at not going into them when we're home but when we're out we loop string around door handles to make sure she stays out. I also love that we can go away for the weekend, put her toys out & leave a full bowl of water & food and she's fine.

D's not a huge animal fan so I promised him no more. I'm totally over the whole pet hair everywhere & cleaning the litter box everyday thing too though. I wonder if that potty trainer thing works for cats. ;)

Anonymous said...

We have both. Cats are definitely easier.