Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you remember Polamalu?

{also known as Polly, Polly Lu, Polls, Poll ball etc.}

She's growing up too fast. We've had her for approximately 14 days now and I swear she's doubled in size.

We still don't know what she is. The vet has no clue either. She says that she's probably a bit shepherd, a bit lab, and she thinks that she has a bit of fox-jack russell-or rat terrier in her.

We still don't know how big she will get. The vet guesses between 45-55 pounds.

As of Tuesday she was 12 lbs-- she was 8-9 pounds when we brought her home.

We still don't know how old she is. The vet guesses that she's 11 weeks now.

Here's Polly Princess last week. So small. So sweet.

The little munchkin was barely taller than the warmer part of our stove.

And here's Polls now-- 7-10 days later.

She's a giant. She's also losing her cute little ears which makes me sad. I loved her ears. I hope that this is just a phase and that they will remained folded over but it's highly doubtful.

Adjustment wise, she's doing great. She's a quick learner and she does better and better every single day. We rarely have accidents (knock on wood) anymore and she's doing okay in her crate and when she's left during the day.

Sleeping in the crate at night is another story- she currently refuses to do so and prefers to be right between John and I in the king sized bed.

The cats are still weary, but they have FINALLY come within 10 feet of her and stare at her like she's some type of circus freak.

On Tuesday I cried with happiness because my normally cuddly kitty Sage finally forgave me and snuggled with me on the couch-- while Polly was in the room-- for like fifteen minutes. It was amazeballs (and the first time she's wanted to cuddle since we brought Polly home).

Stressing the cats out was the #1 reason why I didn't want a dog (the dog is totally 100% the hubs' idea) and I'm so thrilled that they seem to like me again after I ruined their world.


Mrs. S. said...

That was my main concern, too, when we got a dog. My cat was not all about the dog at first and started retaliating by peeing in the house. I was so angry! She didn't do it long and we replaced the carpet. Now they just co-exist. They aren't best friends by any means!

Polly is adorable!

xoxo-Kristen said...

come to my blog i promise you will be happy :)

Kelly said...

Awww!! Polly :-D Soooo cute!!

Alice said...

Awwww - so cute! I can guarantee the cats will forgive you and love you as they always have. Cats are masters in getting us two-legged to feel bad if we have the nerve to disturb their world
I live on an island on the west coast of Norway with my little Pomeranian, Ayla aka Dustbunny and my little (huge) orphan kitten, Pollopus, aka Apollo, aka Pollo aka puselurken aka..... ;-)
And sometimes my sailor husband is allowed to live here too.

Your Polly is adorable regardless of what she is and what size she ends up being. All pups have a period in their growth when everything seems to be disproportional, but in the end they all grow into it and looks like the lovely fourlegged beings they are.

Have a wonderful day! :-)

Anonymous said...

YEA for more pics! He is such a handsome boy, but yeah he's growing like a weed!

Thanks for the hair support! ;)

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