Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Goals Completion

1) Complete our Thanks jar! Every day in February, my husband and I will write one thing we
are thankful for every single day.

I'm pretty sure that my husband only did this like half the time, but I did it daily so I'll call this a success. We were supposed to sit down and read them last night, but things changed with the new puppy. I'll add that to our agenda this weekend and I'll do a post to let you know what we were grateful for this month.

2) Go out to eat no more than once per week.

Well, we did great with this until the 20th-ish of this month. Although we did go out to eat more than once per week towards the end of the month, we only used our joint account to pay for dinner one time per week for the entire month. I consider this pretty successful considering the extra cash didn't come out of our bill/mortgage money.

3) Track everything I eat in my pointsplus calculator (this is going to be hard, I haven't been able to do this for an entire week- let alone month, but it's worth trying).

I don't even think that I did this the day that I came up with this goal. Ha. Oops.

4) Spend no more than 80 dollars this month of clothing, shoes and accessories. I know that this is still a pretty high amount, but seriously- I need something a bit more attainable. I bought SIX freakin' pairs of shoes in January. Granted they were all under 25 bucks (with the exception of my anthropologie boots), but it was still 6 pairs. You could honestly get lost in my closet. My closet is bigger than most master bathrooms. I do not need anymore clothes/shoes/accessories.

Seriously, I am shocked at myself but I did it!! In February, I only spent about $45.00 on a new dress, cardigan and two tanks from Target. I did buy a cardigan from Anthropologie too, but it's going back because it wasn't that cute. I'm very proud of myself!

5) Keep up with menu planning! Menu plan at least a week in advance.

Done, done and done!

6) Buy no more than 4 items at the grocery store that are not on our list. Clearly, impulse shopping is my weakness (see number 4).

I managed to do this too. It helps to stick to a list.