Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I know I'm biased -- being a Steelers fan and all-- but Hines Ward is a MONEY dancer.

Not only is he an awesome dancer, but he's my favorite football player and we will be naming our first male dog after him. Without a doubt.

I'd wager a bet that he's in the top three of all of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars this season.

Are you watching? Who's your favorite?


Melissa said...

I like him a lot!

Nicole said...

Truthfully, he btter be!

Unknown said...

I just watched the first episode last night and was surprised he moves so well!! I can't wait to catch up! he's awesome and love his charisma!

Lindsay said...

My boyfriend is also a Steelers fan and always says if we get a dog, he'll be a yellow lab and his name will be Hines! However, I'm a Patriots fan, so I don't know about that! haha

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