Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Goals Update

I did NOT want to post an update to my March goals because I failed (most of) them miserably. Honestly, I almost didn't post, but I should hold myself accountable.
I'm not sure why, but March just felt like a bear of a month.. and it was LOOOOOONG... and I didn't print out my goals.... and I barely remembered that I made goals.
Anyways, enough about excuses, lets outline my failure.
1) Spend no more than 200 dollars per month on Entertainment (i.e. movies, alcohol and dinners out).
Okay, we actually did do this one.  We may have hit 199, but we did it!

2) Put an extra $250.00 towards my debt payment.
I put an extra 150 dollars towards my debt and I did put an extra 100 dollars in my savings account simply because mid month I decided that savings is better than paying off debt quicker.  I am proud of myself for this.. this is the first time I've put any money in savings recently. Ha.

3) Lose 4 pounds and continue to strength train (at least) 3x per week and to do cardio 3x per week.
Ha. no.  I have worked out RELIGIOUSLY since last June but it all went to hell in March.  I think I ran last Sunday. I think I'm down two pounds though. It changes every time I weigh myself. 

4) Use our envelope system for groceries and for household goods. No ifs, &, or buts.
No. I half assed it and kept receipts and logged most of our debit purchases (at the grocery store) to keep track of spending.  I did not get cash out at the beginning of the month and I started slacking and didn't write down the last two trips to the grocery store. 

5) Spend no more than $80 dollars on clothing, shoes, and accessories this month.
This is so sad, but I'm not even sure what the answer to this question is.  If I remember correctly I spent less than 50 on clothing, shoes, accessories this month but I'd be lying if I told you that I was positive about that figure.  I simply can't remember. Oops!


Unknown said...

At least you MADE goals. You really didn't do too bad! Don't beat yourself up over it.

Anonymous said...

That's not too bad. You made goals, that's the hardest part. Two months out of three isn't bad. :)

Beach Bum & Baby said...

You're still doing awesome!!!

I didn't want to do an update either. And I had no clue it was even the end of the month until I logged into Blogger. LOL! :)

Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow!!

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