Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What condiments are always, always in your fridge?

Ketchup, soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha chili sauce, deli mustard, dijon mustard, hot sauce

2. How do you like your steak cooked? Your burgers?

I like my steak medium and my burgers well done.

3. What’s your favorite use for fresh tomatoes?

I don't like fresh tomatoes (only cooked). So sue me.

4. What’s your go-to dinner when you haven’t planned anything in advance and you don’t feel like going out?

Tacos, Grilled Chicken Salads, or Spaghetti

5. What’s your favorite snack food lately?

Pretzels and string cheese

6. What’s your favorite weekend breakfast to make at home?

I never make breakfast. I don't like any breakfast food enough to make it. I'll eat eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles if you make them for me, but I don't like them enough to make them for myself.

7. What’s your favorite thing to grill? How do you do it?

Burgers. I love burgers.

8. What’s your favorite wine for under $10? If you’re not a wine person, what brand of beer is your favorite?

Most of the wines I drink are under 10 dollars. I really like cupcake sauvingnon blanc. My favorite beer is Miller Lite or Bud Light Lime.

9. Give us your most delicious cocktail recipe.

White rum, mint, simple syrup, lime, fresh peach puree and soda water.

10. How do you like your eggs?

I could take or leave eggs. If I eat them they either have to be hardboiled or sauteed with a ton of veggies like onions, peppers, & mushrooms and they must be covered in cheese and salsa


Kelly said...

Mmmm, all this food talk!! I LOVE fresh tomatoes, could eat them constantly. And I love cupcake wine too!! YUM, wish I can some pino grigio right now!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

I love these!! And I feel you about the eggs! I am the same way!! We hardly ever have them in our house unless I am on a baking kick. And I love the cupcake wines!! They are awesome!! I hope you are having a good week :)