Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Teen Mom

I suppose I should clarify after reading the comments--
I did like Chelsea and think that she is generally a good mom.  What makes me dislike her is the fact that she so easily takes that LOSER Adam back.
I'm not sure what it is about teens and women today, but so many think that they need to settle with any old D-Bag that pays attention to them.  She is totally settling with him and he's pretty abusive as a whole.
It amazes me that her ridiculously rich dad just sits by and lets Adam live in the house that he PAYS for while Adam does not make an attempt to get a job and/or to pay child support. 
I get that dad hates him too, so why he is supporting her while she's with Adam?  He needs to buck up and show Chelsea that he's not going to stand for it. 


Syndal said...

I think you're spot on! I like Chelsea too, but she's delusional when it comes to Adam.
I get so sucked in to that show but then i feel soooo bad for the babies-especialle Jace :(

The Bush Hippy said...


The Bush Hippy said...

oh man i want to SMACK Jace's mother and grandmother, that poor child. I don't see how the film crew could stand there and film whilst those two morons SCREAM and go on while they hold him. it's SO very sad. shame on MTV. i am hooked tho...HOOKED.

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