Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teen Mom 2

Am I the only 29 year old in America that watches (and LOVES) Teen Mom 2?
How cute are Corey and Leah? I love them.
However, can we please discuss the two TRAINWRECKS of the show-- Jenelle and Chelsea?!?!?
Jenelle is a hot mess.  I feel so bad for her poor mother.  The chick smokes weed on the mother's front porch and then complains that she doesn't have custody of her kid.  I know that kids should generally be with their biological parents, but not in this situation.  The girl lacks judgement.  Anyone that thinks that stealing their mother's credit card for a joyride is a good idea should have no access to an infant.
Chelsea is a total spoiled brat.  She took Adam back. Adam- the scum of the Earth.  I think Chelsea's dad is a decent man, but if he had HALF a brain he would stop supporting Chelsea for a bit-- or at least until she realizes that Adam is a total d-bag. I mean the chick lives in a house that is bigger than mine and she's 17.  I blame daddy for this. 


Courtney said...

I LOVE Teen Mom 2! Leah and Corey are adorable! I totally cried at the finale when he started crying when she was walking down the aisle!

Jennelle is CRAZY. Did you see the after show with Dr. Drew when her mom was there and said she was "unloveable"? I gotta admit, Jennelle does some stupid things, but for her mom to say that is horrible!

I actually like Chelsea. I don't like how she keeps taking Adam back over and over again, but she's a great mother even if she doesn't make the best relationship choices. I also can't believe her dad is paying for that house. I could kind of understand if she's going to school or working and he's helping her out, but she's not.

Dallas said...

HAHA I'm so happy I'm not the only one who has a post about Teen Mom on their blog!!

Cory and Leah are my favorite...I hope the gossip mags aren't true, I saw one the other day that said they were getting a divorce.

Hilary said...

Seriously! on the Chelsea thing. I don't mind Janelle, just because she's from about 30 minutes up the coast from me (weird reason to like someone, haha). Chelsea just gets on my nerves. And so does Kailyn. I like Leah the best. I say they bring back Macy. Keep Leah. And I can't even remember the other one (besides Farrah & Caitlyn), so we just need a show about the Macy & Leah & call it a day. Oh God, I just remembered.. Amber. Yeah, ditch her.

Erica said...

And once again, I wish I have cable. Darn "trying to be responsible and save money" lifestyle! I'm missing out on all the good TV drama! Maybe it'll be on Netflix soon...!

M @ Cardigans and Cupcakes said...

Yup, it's a guilty pleasure! I totally agree with you Leah is my favorite and I am glad things are working out with Corey. I hope all is well with the little girl too!

Mrs. S. said...

*raises hand* "I am 27, and I, watch Teen Mom 2." Haha! Yep, it is a guilty pleasure! I can't blame Jenelle's mom for being pissed about the credit card. She should be the one with custody because her daughter is not responsible enough to have him. That being said, I worry about all the yelling BOTH of them do around him. It can't be healthy.

BrooklynGirl said...

I cut cable but I watch it too, on MTV.com. Check it out, Erica!

Yeah, I agree with everyone else. Chelsea is just immature but she means well and is a loving mom. Jennelle is out of her mind, so is her mom, and that kid has no chance. Leah and Corey are incredibly mature - she was the biggest turnaround of the season, for sure. I hope they make it. Kailyn I think is really responsible and I am impressed with her, even though her personality is kind of flat. It is ridiculous to me that Jonathan dumped HER, and his parents only revoked her housing after she started dating someone else. Not really fair. But I think the two of them are still in love, and poor Jordan is in over his head and will be gone soon. Is there another one? That's all, right?

Anonymous said...

Love teen mom! Jenelle...::sigh:: what a train wreck.

Nap Mom said...

Jenelle and Keiffer. he got busted smoking crack for crying out loud... she had $750 on her mom's credit card... and she bails him out of jail???? What?????

I feel bad for Chelsea. However, her dad needs to be a bit tougher. I had high hopes for Adam. Boy does that baby look just like him or what?

Dancy said...

Umm, I'm 32 and I love the show too, so no worries there. LOL Leah's been my favorite from the beginning. I felt sooo terrible for her when they were 1st going through all the medical problems with her daughter. Breaks my heart. I'm still not sure if they'll last forever (Corey's still kinda jerk) but I love them together on the show right now.

I totally agree that Janelle makes epically bad decisions but I do NOT feel bad for her mom - that woman is Psychotic!!

Toooootally blame Chelsea's Dad and I don't get how her Mom's like 85% out of the picture.