Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

I am lacking outfits to post this week! I figured that as exciting as seeing me wear another dress with leggings is, that I wouldn't retake photos of myself wearing the same outfit that I wore a trillion times this winter.

It did start to get a tiny bit warm.. and here's what I wore...


Dress- AT Loft
Cardigan- Gap
Boots- Anthropologie

TUESDAY- WORK. My, my dress seems short. Oops.

Dress- Target
Cardigan- Lands End Canvas
Shoes- Target


Dress- Target (new and only 15 bones!)
Cardigan- AT Loft
Red Shoes- Marshalls
Red Belt- Marshalls


Sonya said...

You always find such cute dresses at Target! I've never had that luck there. Of course I don't go that often because the closest one is an hour away:(

Ms. Attitude said...

I wish I could wear cute little dresses like that to work!

Ashley said...

Your Saturday dress and boots is the cutest yet! I love that match up! You always have the cutest dresses and style!