Monday, May 2, 2011

Dairy of a Pregnant Lady, Weeks 3 & 4

{The following is some journaling that I did between the weeks of March 11, 2011 and March 25, 2011}


We found out that I was expecting on March 11, 2011. I was going to wait until morning to test, but I started feeling a little bit queasy after one glass of champagne and figured that I might as well do it then and there before I kept drinking.

I did NOT think that I was pregnant. February had been hectic. We got a puppy, things were crazy. There was just no way.

I was a bit naive about this whole getting pregnant thing. My husband has wanted a baby since the day we said “I do,” but I was much more reticent about it. The original plan was to start trying in August 2010, but I always pushed the date back, blaming just one more happy hour. Lets face it, I had a lot of excuses.

Finally, in February I got fed up with myself, realize that I was ready and I decided that we could start “seeing what happens.” I know that I am by NO means old, however, I was also aware of the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger. If I’m gonna try to have a few kids prior to 35ish, now is probably the time to get started.

Well, you know what happened next.

On Saturday March 5, I started to feel nauseous. I didn't really put too much thought into it because I tend to be a nauseous kind of person. I have a pretty weak stomach and I'm nauseous at least once a month. If heaven was a department store that we could visit for a few minutes (while alive), I'd ask God for a stomach refund.

Anyways, back to my nauseous life. I have been known to feel perfectly fine, puke my guts out and then go out to dinner and eat like a cow. That's my style. My mom is the same way--as is my sister.

I continued to feel nauseous on and off all week. I attributed it to spring and my allergies. I have post nasal drip like woah and that often makes me nauseous.

I also started to feel SUPER tired last week, but I attributed this symptom to life with a new puppy. I usually stay up until 11:30pm every night but I'd been in bed by 10 all week-- again, I didn't really give it a second thought because going to bed an hour and a half early isn't ALL that radical.

On Friday (week 3), I had my weirdest symptom yet.... .

Boys, shut your ears and eyes cause this is TMI.

I was running on my treadmill (week 7 of C25K ya'll) and all of a sudden my boobs started killing. It almost felt like my nipples had turned into daggers. It went a little something like this.

run, run, run.
ouch my nipples hurt
run, run, run.
are there knives in my shirt?
run, run, run.
am I pregnant?
ah, hell no. I just ran for 25 minutes. pregnant people don’t run for 25 minutes do they?
run, run, run

I was supposed to get my period on Saturday and I’ve heard that periods can make boobies hurt. Mine have never hurt before, but it could be a new symptom.

Man, was I clueless or what?

>Anways, fast forward to a “yay, it’s Friday” pop the champagne, evening at home followed by nausea and a pregnancy test. I called John up (he was watching basketball) and we were both in SHOCK.

Since then, my thoughts have gone a little something like this:
Yes, I love babies
Holy shit
I can’t afford this
How can we do this?
Who’s going to watch our kid?
I love babies
I am not ready for this
We are ready for this

The day after we found out I was scheduled to go to a wine/food pairing class with a few girlfriends. I went, I had a few tiny sips of wine (I didn’t want to look too obvious) and I managed to keep my lips sealed. It was hard though... especially because I thought that I was going to VOM all over the table due to a certain scent--- the restaurant had one of those little candles on the table that was fueled with propane/kerosene and you’d think I had taken a bath in that candle holder. The smell was overwhelming.

Holy crap. Is this for real?


Brook said...

I came home from wine day and said to Tom, "Ashley's pregnant." Ha!

Unknown said...

I always think the first couple weeks are really interesting to read about. =)
congratulations again sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

You're just experiencing all of the symptoms early on, aren't you? My boobs hurt almost immediately. I had to pee all of the time almost immediately. I also got nauseous early on. The smells didn't kick in right away, but once they did... get back!

Mrs. S. said...

Haha...I think it is fun to read about when people first have that "feeling" they are pregnant. I'm pretty sure I got super drunk and ate sushi with my girls the night before. Then I woke up the next morning and thought I was pregnant...took a test, and there it was! Strange how that happens, right?!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Congratulations!!! Wow! That's great news.

I found out that I was expecting when I ordered a pina colada poolside while on vacation and had a similar reaction. I got one smell of it and couldn't get it passed my nose. Funny how that works! I almost dropped the glass right there on the spot when it hit me.

Best wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

I think we might be stomach twins (minus the baby currently)!

Unknown said...

I am currently pregnant with my third and the feeling of WEEEE to holy shit still resides. Congratulations to your best life journey yet!

Nap Mom said...

I have a similar TMI story from when I figured out I was pregnant. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

Congrats again! The second trimester is better -- I promise.

Baby Mama said...

This is so exciting!! Congratulations!!

Dancy said...

Ok, the "Weeee. Holy Shit." part made me giggle, but it's like that nervous - oh man that's totally what I would think & this is gonna happen to me someday - giggle.

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