Friday, May 6, 2011

Diary of a Pregnant Lady: Week 10

Week 10- April 22- 29

Due Date: November 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: The blob is the size of a prune. Yum.

Total Weight Gain: 3 pounds.

Morning Sickness/Symptoms: Week ten had been fabulous. No nausea at all. I feel much less tired than I have in previous weeks (although, still tired in pregnancy terms). I have been feeling great aside from some headaches after being in the sun all day.

Cravings: Candy. It never tastes as good as it sounds in my head though.

Sleep: I’m sleeping well and I enjoy at least 8 hours per night. I’m starting to wake up with a sore back/hips.

I Can't Live Without: Sleep, food, and the hub’s help.

I Miss: Margaritas on the patio. Happy hour. Subway turkey sandwiches.

I am Looking Forward to: The second trimester!

Milestones: We had an OB appointment on Monday and we heard the heartbeat again. The Dr. said that things sound great. We also told our grandparents, aunts, and uncles about our little one on Easter.

Awkward Moments: My mother-in-law asked me how many more trans-vaginal ultrasounds I am expecting.

Exercise: I’m still walking on the treadmill as much as possible and I even whipped out the body boot camp video one day this week.

Diet: I’ll eat anything/everything. I love food right now-- especially Chinese, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes.

Movement: The doctor says yes, but none that I can feel.

Gender: More votes for the boy. My mother will tell everyone that listens that it’s going to be a boy (and she did so frequently on Easter).

Labor Signs: It’s far too soon for this!


Syndal said...

aw i love these posts!

KiraAJ said...

thats had to of been a very awkward question from the MIL lol :) so whats the heart rate at?? :) Not sure how "true" it is but it was sure right with this one when we found out she had a fast heartbeat!

Melissa said...

LOL I cannot believe your MIL asked you that!

The heartbeat thing is true for some people, but at the first few appointments our baby's heartbeat was 184ish and that usually means girl. Now his heartbeat is in the 140's