Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diary of a Pregnant Lady: Week 7

Week Seven

Due Date: We had our first doctors appointment on Monday and we’re due 11/18!

How Big is Baby: He/she is the size of a blueberry

Total weight gain: One pound. I’m not amused.

Morning Sickness: It has gotten a lot better. Knock on wood. Please, don’t come back.

Cravings: I’m eating like a cow, because it keeps the nausea at bay, but nothing sounds good. Whenever I imagine food I don’t have good thoughts. Nothing sounds fabulous. Looking at a picture of creamy lasagna in a magazine almost sent me over an edge. I’m gagging just writing this sentence out.

Sleep: I can’t get enough. I’m in bed by 9 every night. I did manage to stay up until 10 one time this week. Score!

I can't live without: Sleep.

I miss: Staying up past 9pm and sitting on the patio with a beer.

I am looking forward to: The second trimester!

Milestones: We saw our little baby. I was so so so nervous before our appointment. In real life, my husband and I know about 11 girls that either just had a baby or who are currently pregnant. They all got pregnant pretty easily (within a month or two) and none of them have had any losses (that we know about). I couldn’t stop thinking that those 11 were lucky and that 20% of women never hear that first heartbeat. In my head I kept thinking about how the odds were MAJORLY against us when we compared ourselves to our friends. Thankfully, at our appointment we learned that the baby is measuring right on track and although we didn’t get to hear the heartbeat, we saw it flickering away on the ultrasound.

Exercise: I’ve been walking on the treadmill a bit more this week. I’ve stopped running because it hurts, but I can handle walking.

Diet: Crap and junk. Pizza, burgers, enchiladas. I have to get better. Healthy food sounds/tastes worse than unhealthy food.

Movement: The doctor says yes, but none that I can feel.

Gender: Seriously, if it’s a girl people are going to be seriously shocked. Everyone that knows that we are expecting has been referring to our little blob as a he, junior, or a future redskins coach. My mom calls me to ask about how her grandson is doing and my MIL is wondering where I will deliver him. I tend to think it’s a girl every once in a blue moon, but I’m in the minority.

Labor Signs: It’s far too soon for this!


Dancy said...

Aww, glad to hear you're feeling better. My mom said she couldn't eat anything but saltines & lemon Italian ices for like 3 months with each pregnancy b/c everything was gross or made her gag. LOL

Laurie said...

Well, everyone said boy for Darby too. For some reason people must just seem to bank on the boy, lol. Prepare yourself for the fact that it might not be. Hahaha.

Melissa said...

I totally remember when the sound of certain foods made me gag! In fact, there's still a few that make me feel a bit sick now and I'm almost done with my pregnancy!

It's such a great feeling to see the heartbeat for the first time! Such a HUGE sense of relief.

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