Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diary of a Pregnant Lady: Weeks 5 & 6


I have felt surprisingly good. I went to bed a bit earlier than usual but I still managed to do my Couch to Five K program, I cooked dinner every night, and I was a decent person to be around.

I’m starting to get a tiny bit scared about how okay I feel. Is my baby okay? Is this really working out?

On Thursday, when I hit 4wks, 6 days I started to feel EXHAUSTED. I came home, walked the dog and started making shepherd's pie. By 6:30 I felt faint and needed to lay down. I was ready for bed by 8:30pm for the first time since fourth grade.

Friday at work was NOT fun. The day dragged. I felt like my sinuses were all puffy and I was exhausted overall. Almost as though I was detached my my body and disassociated.

Week 5

Due Date: Not confirmed- but according to various websites it’s November 18, 2011

Total weight gain: None

Morning Sickness: Week five has been gentle on me. I get nauseous easily as a normal (non pregnant) person so I was really scared about the morning sickness and I was certain that I’d puke 22343 times per day. So far so good! I have been taking extra vitamin B6, which has been clinically proven to reduce nausea. It’s working for me!

Cravings: Nothing yet-- except maybe candy-- but this is nothing new. I always crave candy.

Sleep: I can’t get enough of it. Sleeping has become my favorite activity. I always wake up at
least 1-2 times to pee during the night. I’m not sure why this is happening ALREADY.

I can't live without: Vitamin B6 and Jolly Ranchers. They have stopped any slight nausea that I have had.

I miss: Staying up past 8:30pm, watching my shows (I don’t have the energy to even watch TV some days) and sleeping through the night.

I am looking forward to: Week 7, when we get to go to the doctor.

Milestones: Telling my parents! We told them with a framed picture at my dad’s birthday dinner. It said, First came love, then came marriage, in November comes the baby in the baby carriage.

Exercise: I’ve run about 2-3 miles 3x this week, walked the dog every day, and did a little bit of weights. I need to find a good weight routine pronto!

Diet: Terrible. Checkers, Chickfila and Chipotle. I’m feeling too tired to cook. I need to work on this diet.

Movement: Nope.

Gender: I think it’s a boy. The Chinese gender chart (done both ways thinks it’s a boy). My mom immediately said it was a boy. My sister thinks it’s a boy. My husband thinks it’s a boy. Strangely, no one thinks it could be a girl.

Labor Signs:It’s far too soon for this!

Week Six:

Due Date:
Not confirmed- but according to various websites it’s November 18, 2011

Total weight gain: None.... yet. I feel like I’ve gained a trillion with all of the bloating.

Morning Sickness: Oh M Gee. I have felt pretty pukey this week. I haven’t puked at all, but I’m nauseous 24/7. I’m taking extra B6, wearing sea bands and living on saltines but it’s not helping all that much. The only thing that makes me feel better is eating. I’m currently eating every second. I expect to look like a sumo wrestler soon. I actually told my friend Shaina that this child better be a girl, because girls are rumored to make you feel terrible. I cannot imagine feeling worse than this.

Cravings: I hear someone mention a food (such as grilled cheese and Mac and Cheese) and then I think I want it and I eat it. Nothing tastes great to me though. Everything seems to have a sour taste to it. The only thing that I feel like I have to have this week is Alphabets cereal and of course we can’t find it anywhere!!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping a lot. I’m in bed by 9 most nights. I feel like my grandma. Oh wait, scratch that. She stays up later than I do.

I can't live without: Gingerale, saltines and jolly ranchers.

I miss: acting normal. Now I have to pretend that I'm normal and it’s really hard to pretend when you are tired and feel pukey.

I am looking forward to: Week 7, when we get to go to the doctor.

Milestones: We told John’s family last Saturday!

Exercise: I have been slacking. I need to get on it but I’ve been nauseous. I ran/walked on Sunday and I’ve been sitting on my butt ever since.

Diet: Not too bad this week because everything tastes disgusting. Consists of a lot of carbs.

Movement: Nope.

Gender: I still think it’s a boy. The Chinese gender chart (done both ways thinks it’s a boy). My mom immediately said it was a boy. My sister thinks it’s a boy. My husband thinks it’s a boy. Strangely, no one thinks it could be a girl.


Melissa said...

Like I told you on Twitter, I puked and felt nauseous all day through week 16, so I'm very glad you are feeling better than I did!

The constant urge to pee only gets worse as you get bigger, so get ready for that. I have to go like every 15 minutes now and you're supposed to be drinking tons of water which makes you have to go even more! It's a vicious cycle...

Most people thought my baby was going to be a girl. Hubs, his cousin, my brothers, and a few friends thought boy and they were right :P

Laurie said...

I didn't have any "symptoms" with either child that I've had and they were both girls.
Don't feel bad about eating a ton. You need to, your body is working overtime even if it doesn't seem like it. Your metabolism should be up, so eat away.
; )

Unknown said...

Since I haven't said CONGRATS yet... CONGRATS Ashley and family!!! SO exciting!!! :) Glad to hear you're making it through the sickies!

Allison @Road to Role Model said...

Congrats! My week 6 was just like yours, especially the wanting food but nothing tasting good thing. Hang in there! I'm at week 36 now :)

Unknown said...

oh booooy..I DO NOT miss feeling sick to my stomach every second of the day. I seriously had a cracker in my hand every moment I was a wake until week 15ish. It is hard to hide such things in a class full of 8th graders. I need to remember this as a decide if we want another one.

There is a pregnancy workout video by Summer Sanders that I really liked. It has an adjusted workout for each trimester. It isn't all that intense, but I got a decent tone up from it. She is also hugely pregnant in the video..so you feel like you can relate to her and she isn't annoying. I found (especially with my second) that it helped to keep doing it as I got bigger because I wasn't as stiff and sore. Check it out...it's on amazon.

Nicole said...

my ex boyfriends sister was sick almost through her whole pregnancy and both were boys. She told me that she'd always heard boys make you sick all the way through...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your week 4 thru 6. I just started week 5, and it was fun to compare symtpoms. I just got a cold, so it was funny to read that your sinuses were puffy, too!

Dancy said...

Wait? Chipotle's bad food? *giggle* I've heard about the no energy thing, but supposedly it goes away and then you get this huge surge of energy. But what the heck do I know? LOL

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