Thursday, May 26, 2011


While you are working in your air conditioned offices with a plethora of copying paper, an hour long lunch break, and a company credit card please remember me HERE.

Locked away in my closet.

With no air conditioning.

With a ghetto ass broken fan.

Seriously, do you see this fan?

I may electrocute myself with this fan, but I'm too hot to care.

At least I have tissues.

Oh wait, I bought them myself.

Oh the joys of working for the public school system.

Three years of graduate school and 45,000 dollars of graduate school debt to work in a closet. 

Please, give us (or at least me) more money government!!!

*yes, I'm pregnant and drinking an ice coffee.  So sue me.


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

I'm having the opposite problem I'm afraid...I am sitting in my air-conditioned to the extreme office with three layers on, a blanket and a heater box because someone somewhere in the building complained they were cold. Yesterday, I had to go run my hands under hot water to get them to warm up! Why can't they just find happy mediums? I hope your space starts cooling down for yah!

Melissa said...

I would die w/o AC! I'm always hot, and it's 500 times worse while pregnant!

Ice coffee is fine! It's not like you're drinking alcohol lol

Anonymous said...

My mom has worked with the city school system here for almost 20 years. She works in a closet too.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I was BATHED in sweat at school today and I LOVE my cinderblock wall ;).

KiraAJ said...

im currently snug in bed on an electric blanket freezing my tookus off lol... i feel for u n ur gunna hate me but im glad im not back in the states to have a summer baby! mine will b a winter bubs n im glad cuz loche was a summer bubs n i almost died lol..

Sonya said...

Poor thing! So far I've only had my AC on at school for maybe 30 minutes at the end of the year.

Your closet sounds about like the little room we used to have for our school behavior specialist. The worst part was when they changed people and an aide took over the room so she had nowhere to go. One afternoon she was in the tiny nurse's office seeing kids! Everyone should have some sort of nice space!

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