Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 12

Week 12- May 6th-12th

Due Date: November 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: The blob is the size of a plum and looks more like a baby, less like a blob.

Total Weight Gain:
4 pounds.

Morning Sickness/Symptoms: I have been so so so lucky. I haven't been sick at all aside from the one week spurt of nausea. My friend told me that I'm great at being pregnant and she may be right-- my first trimester was a relative breeze.

Cravings: I like fruit and cinnamon life, but I don't HAVE to have anything.

Sleep: I'm slightly less tired than I was the first trimester. I've heard that with the second trimester comes an energy spurt. I'm looking forward to that.

I Can't Live Without: Maternity clothes. OMG. Best invention ever. It's like wearing pajamas to work. I could probably still wear my regular pants, but why bother when they make fashionable elastic waist pants!?

I Miss: At the risk of sounding like a total alcoholic-- alcohol.

I am Looking Forward to: Finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Milestones: I have made it out of the first trimester! We also had our 12 week ultrasound on Tuesday and it was so much fun. The blob is totally a baby and the tech spent over 30 minutes with us and even whipped out the 3-D/4-D wand. With a simple tap on the belly, the baby totally turned flips around in my stomach and it was really fun to watch!

It also looks like the baby is measuring farther ahead that I thought s/he would be. Based on our 12 week ultrasound, the baby is really measuring more like 13 weeks, 1 day (as of Tuesday, May 10th) but they want to keep my due date the same for now.

Awkward Moments: Pregnancy can be totally awkward. You already don't feel that great about yourself, so it's not that fun with your mother and father-in-law ask you repeatedly if you're sure you're not having twins. Thanks, I guess I look fat.

Also, when you tell people you're pregnant a simple congrats would suffice. Instead, I get were you trying and my new favorite-- "oh I knew it all along because your face has gotten wider." Sweet. Just what every ballooning woman wants to hear.

Exercise: Thanks to the twins comments I've been exercising every day this week (except for Thursday). I've done prenantal pilates a few times, summer sander's video, and I'm walking on the treadmill every other day.

Diet: It's fine. I'm cooking more because I have more energy. We had Taco meatloaf, rice and corn last night. Tonight will be homemade chicken parm with angel hair pasta.

Movement: It amazes me that I can't feel anything yet (I know this is normal). I'm simply amazed because we watched the baby for half an hour and s/he was doing cartwheels in my abdomen. It amazes me to think that they could be doing that all day and I don't have a clue.

Gender: Well after consulting a few old wives tales we did get a few girl signs-- 1. the ring on a string test said girl. 2. Supposedly if baby's heartbeat is over 140 it is a girl (ours is 162). 3) they claim that girl mamas gain in the hips, butt, and thighs and I suppose I could fit that description too. Despite that, I still feel like it's a boy. I took the pregnancy test and immediately said, "it's a boy." We should find out in 4 weeks.

Labor Signs: It’s far too soon for this!

Can you believe that tiny (ahem, okay maybe not tiny) bump? I have friends that didn't show until they were like 7 months pregnant. I'm not sure what's up with me!

Did any of ya'll get a bump this early?

Can you spot Oh Snap's tail?


Mrs. S. said...

I was showing at about that early! Everyone is different...I know some people that it took forever before they were showing and some it was right away. Rock that baby bump!

KiraAJ said...

:) aww luv the post! Wait till ur second pregnancy everything starts so much earlier! Movement as specially mainly because u know what to look for :) its like a lil flutter in ur tummy :) also depends where the placenta is as to when u will start feeling movements! My gf who is preggers for the first time has made it 2 wks bhind me only just started feeling movement a few wks ago as her placenta is up front just in front of her belly button what was hardest for her was when the tech told her " yea u wont feel to much movement if at all because of your build ur quiet chunky/stocky and then then with the placenta being right there..." wow geat huh! shes short and she is about a size 12-14... LUV ur baby bump! its so cute! If my gf was to see ur bump she would totally say thats "baby Butt" :) and most definately be waging a vote for "its a BOY!" :) Welcome to the second trimester its alot less tiring as uve already started to find out! :)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Adorable!! You look great!

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

CONGRATS Ashley!!!! Oh my gosh. Such exciting news!!