Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011

My pregnant bum is in bed by 9:00pm most nights. (It's amazing how exhausting making a human is).
Would you know that I found out about Usama Bin Laden at 6:40 am thanks to facebook?
Welcome to 2011. 
Facebook has taken over our lives.
ps. pathentic but true tidbit-- I can't remember where I heard this-- but supposedly research shows that the average person cannot go 24 hours without saying the word facebook.  I've been monitoring it with the hubs. It's true.  And it's pathetic. And I'm guilty of it as well.


Erica said...

Somehow I totally missed your last post and was taken aback when reading this one. CONGRATULATIONS! Fabulous news! (your pregnancy and bin laden!) YAY!

Nap Mom said...

Yes. I wake up in the morning. Roll over. Check facebook on my phone. After seeing that all is well, I start my day. Today, however, the entire family curled up in bed to catch the latest news.

Anonymous said...

I too am guilty of this. Instead of deleting Twitter, I should have deleted Facebook....

Melissa said...

Facebook is everywhere, and I bet I couldn't go 24 hours w/o saying that word either lol

I found out about bin Laden's death on Twitter last night. News places were posting it on there before they were broadcasting it on TV!

Nicole said...

haha... my husband and i went to high school together but then drifted apart, we came back together b/c of facebook. it truly has taken over! :)

Melissa said...

As scary as that is, it's kind of amusing too. And a little sad.

Congrats on the pregnancy!!! I'm way behind in reading so I missed that post. YAY!!! So excited for you!

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