Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm back with some outfits. Getting dressed is so hard now. My ass, hips, thighs and stomach have expanded slightly and I don't feel like I look great.

I'll take the bump look over the I ate too many cheeseburgers look any day. I'm hoping that the bump sprouts soon.

Monday After Easter- OB/GYN appointment

Black Pocket Tee- Old Navy
Army Shorts- Old Navy

Tuesday after Easter- Work

Black Dress- Target
Ruffled Cardigan- AT Loft
Shoes- Marshalls

Wednesday- Work

Pink Dress- Target
White Tank- Target
White Cardigan- AT Loft
Gold Sandals- Target

Thursday- Work

Turquoise Shirt- Target
Necklace- Old Navy
Black Capris- Old Navy *Maternity
Black Sandals- Target

Friday- Work

Purple Cardigan- AT Loft
Gray Capris- AT Loft
Cami- Old Navy
Shoes- Target

Saturday- Craft Fair, Lunch and Dog Training

Pink Top- AT Loft
Gray Capris- AT Loft
Sandals- Target

Saturday night- Impromptu dinner with friends

Black Top- Marshalls
Jeans- Old Navy
Black Sandals- Target
Cardigan- Lands End Canvas

Monday- Work

Red Dress- Macys
Black Cardigan- Old Navy
Black Shoes- Target


Anonymous said...

You wear the cutest dresses. : )

Megan said...

Super cute! :) I love Tuesday's outfit :)

Mrs. S. said...

I love those dresses!

KiraAJ said...

looking cute as ALWAYS! ur gunna rock tha baby bump look darls! So excited for u!

Dancy said...

Aww, yay - was that your 1st "maternity" purchase? PS - Lurrve the pink dress. You always find the cutest dresses in target!

Sonya said...

At least you have lots of cute dresses to tide you over for awhile!