Friday, June 3, 2011

Diary of a Pregnant Lady: Week 15

Week 15- May 27th-June 2nd

Due Date: November 18, 2011

How Big is Baby: The blob is the size of an orange!

Morning Sickness/Symptoms: Nothing, I feel great. I'm so incredibly happy that (most) the last 15 weeks have been pretty darn lovely. I feel like a pregnant super woman. Check back with me later when I'm so huge with swollen tootsies. My only symptom is pesky faintness, which I feel almost every day but I think it's because my blood pressure has been super low (like 80/50 sometimes).

Cravings: I love anything with marinara sauce.

Sleep: I'm back to my pre-pregnancy ways for the most part. The second trimester is heaven!

I Can't Live Without: Water. Sleep. Larger clothing.

I Miss: Alcohol. Amusement Parks. Roller coasters.

I am Looking Forward to: Finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Milestones: This baby is growing more and more everyday (obvs). I have nothing enlightening to say and don't read those week by week pregnancy books.

Awkward Moments: I've been getting really annoyed when people point out that I look pregnant. I know, I need to get over it. People are SO rude though. On Tuesday a secretary at school told me that my stomach was so pudgy and to look at all my pudge. Not cool lady. Not cool at all.

Exercise: Same old.. walking and pilates. It's getting harder though.

Diet: My diet is if it sounds good, eat it.

Movement: Not a thing.. but it should be happening any day now.

Gender: Lord knows. Well I know that it's a boy because I'm psychic -- but I don't really know, know. I really wish someone would tell me that I'm having a girl though just to even things out. My gender reveal party is going to be a damn sea of blue. That is no fun at all.

Labor Signs: It’s far too soon for this!