Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mrs. Duggar must be on Ecstacy

Mrs. Duggar is on Ecstacy.

She has to be!

(knock on wood) I have had the easiest pregnancy and I still wouldn't want to be pregnant for 18 years straight.

No beer?
No wine?
Thighs that rub together when you walk?
Unfashionable fat girl clothing?
Sore hips?

Even an easy pregnancy is no joke.

I would do it 2.. maybe 3 more times but 19? You have got to be shitting me.


Unknown said...

I think she is a loon! but hey whatever makes her happy...
I can't imagine being pregnant for that long!

Nicole said...

She's being rude to her children. Your money only can stretch so far... If she wants them to have a better life she'll go get her tubes tied immediately because.... That's just awful for those kids.

Ashley said...

I'm all for couples having however many children they want, instead of places in other countries limiting them to like 2 only.. But 19 (probably more coming) ??? That's insane. I think she has addition or something. I read they didn't believe in BC. They should definitely wrap it up! I think at like 4-5 I would have said enough is enough! Sheesh.

Syndal said...

seriously, her vagina is going to fall off.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Um I cannot imagine doing it all once but 18+....ouch! And if she always has a baby in the house, does she ever get a full night's rest? Poor woman must be exhausted!

Debbie said...

omg I know. what the hell?!?! she's just about been pregnant longer than she's been without child in her life. she's NUTSO!

Hilary said...

I'm pretty sure life in mu-mu's makes choosing comfy clothes a lot easier, haha. And my sister has had 3 kids & complains that sometimes she laughs too hard & pees. Can you imagine after 19 kids?! I'm surprised she doesn't have to wear diapers!

Dancy said...

I do love their show & I respect their wholesomeness in this day & age but seriously, it's insane. I hate to say it, but her last baby had a lot of problems - I hope she's closed up shop because the older you get the more likely it is for complications. And don't even get me started on the whole "J" name thing. I heard the oldest son & his wife just had another baby this week too.

Oh & Syndal's comment made me snort my water. ;)

Melissa said...

3 is my absolute limit and after going through it once, 2 just might be it, we'll see. I cannot imagine giving birth to 19 kids. No thank you!

Baby Mama said...

I 100% agree!

Anonymous said...

I have two. The second time I got pregnant, I was like WTF am I thinking?! Ha. She's crazycakes.

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