Monday, June 6, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

I love order and cleanliness. Clutter makes me crazy.

When you come over and think that my house looks perfect and pristine, I probably still think it looks like a hot mess.

I'm not OCD or anything severe, I just love to clean and to live in a clean house.

This is especially amusing since I married a man who is the anti-cleaner. I'll tell him that we need to vacuum and he'll say, "why bother, we have guests coming in 17 days and can vacuum then."

He's serious.

Thankfully, I've converted him and he now cleans like a champion.

Despite my need for clean, I can let a closet get seriously out of hand.

Case in point-- the pantry.

An avalanche of rice would fall down every time we opened the pantry door. I wanted to do something about it but I've been busy. and tired. and cleaning things you can actually see.

Finally, I accomplished a clean pantry and it's looked like this for a week now.


Yes, it may look like we are food hoarders, but we are just couponers. We stock up when there is a sale.


Unknown said...

great job hun!! I get like that sometimes until I just get tired of dodging whatever is falling out at me haha!

Hilary said...

Teach me your converting the hubby ways!! Just this morning, I said, "Can't you store your stuff where they aren't in plain sight?!" He said, "Okay" and moved it from the on top of the nightstand to the 2nd shelf... still in plain sight. And I wish I could be a stocker-upper! If I bought 5 boxes of macaroni, instead of storing them, I'd just eat macaroni every day for 5 days, haha.

Erin said...

Organization warms my stone, cold, little heart! Great work!

Stacie said...

I would very much like to convert my husband in the opposite direction. Honestly, does he really need to vacuum at 7am? And does it matter if ONE dish sits in the sink while I get ready for work?!

Anonymous said...

I have to force myself to clean. My house is clean and clutter free, but it is a daily struggle.