Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chinese Gender Chart, Old Wives Tales & My Wee Lil' Man

So yes, we're having a BOY!

Exciting, is it not?

I really want a boy and I really want a girl so things worked out quite well for us. I wanted a girl first so that she could babysit (ha) and be helpful (like myself- first born child) but I wanted a boy first so that he could be the protector. I guess that what it all boils down to is that having any baby is a win-win situation. 

I wanted a girl so that I could dress her up, get a pedicure with her and take her wedding dress shopping. 

I wanted a boy because boys love their mamas and tend to be the easier sex to raise post age 10. 

{I remember many a day post age 10 where my sister and I told my poor, poor mom that her outfit was hideous, that her hair sucked and that she was a royal pain in the ass while my brother spent his life telling my mom that she was so special and beautiful -suck up-}

Obviously, there are many other reasons other than that, but those just scratch the surface. 

Sometimes, I think that it's SUPER WEIRD that I'm growing a penis right now (never thought that I would say that) but it will be worth it when I can watch him play football and lacrosse with a Justin Bieber haircut. 

Even if he hates football and wants to be a dancer, that's cool with me too. I love dance. The hubs may not be too amused, but I could always use a shopping partner. 

Granted, aside from my football obsession I don't actually like boy things but that's okay too.  My husband loves boy things.

I have a feeling that this situation is going to work out very, very well. 


Let's just say that you have your heart set on one sex over the other and/or that you find old wives tales to be super fun  because you are anxious to know what you are having (that was me).. I gotta tell you.. old wives tales are a crock of shiz. 

If you find yourself with child, people will SWEAR to you that a boy cannot have a heart rate over 140.  Well, our boy has had a heart rate of 159 from the get go.. and he has a penis.

If you find yourself with child you are supposed to pee in a cup full of baking soda. If it fizzles you are SO having a boy.  Well, mine didn't fizzle and it's not a chick.

The ring test says that if you hold your ring on a string above your belly that a circle means girl and an up and down motion means boy.  Well my ring did both and we're NOT having twins. 

The old wives tales say that when you carry a boy you look like you have a basketball under your dress and that if it's a girl you're whole ass expands by a mile.  Well according to my mother (she's paying me back for being a teenage girl so many years ago) my ass needs a wide load sign.  My mother in law claims I'm all basketball so this old wives tale clearly sucks.

The ONLY old wives tale that I believe to be almost 100% accurate is the Chinese Gender Predictor chart.  Trust me, I've done extensive research on this (i.e. polled every friend that has ever had a baby and spent an entire day at work asking every lady that passed by if it was correct for her-- seriously, that was an awesome day at work).   Amazingly, it has been right for all of my friends and all of my coworkers.  Granted this poll only consisted of like 30 people, but I think that that is pretty good odds.

*sidenote* the Chinese Gender Predictor only works if you use your LUNAR AGE.  Chinese people are not kind.  Despite being only 29.5 when I conceived, the Chinese consider me to be 31 years old and some change.  Not what any hormonal woman wants to hear, but it's worth checking out.  So far it's been spot on with baby gender prediction in my poll. 


Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Congratulations! I know you are all very excited!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! I didn't know that my age was different. When I did the chinese gender chart it stated boy - but now that I recaculate my age at conception (33OMG!), it was accurate with girl. Huh.

Congrats on the boy! Very exciting!

Ashley said...

congratulations!! how very exciting!! =)
My girlfriend has a boy and I ask her all the time how she handles it and she says it is all still disgusting so she has her husband handle the 'boy' aspects of it all haha

Anonymous said...

It predicts a boy for me. : )
Only time will tell....

Your little guy is already so lucky to have a mommy like you!

Baby Mama said...

yay!!! It's a boy! So fun!

Ashley said...

I've never heard of the Chinese Prediction Chart, but that's so neat that it's right nearly every time! It predicts if I conceive in August as planned a boy for me! Yay! After that for the rest of the year will be a girl! haha. I'll be happy either way and want a girl, but I'd love a boy first.

Mrs. S. said...

That is awesome! The Chinese Prediction Chart was right for me, too. We had an adorable baby boy 5.5 months ago...and I love his sweet little face. Congratulations!

Melissa said...

Yea the old wives tales are a load of BS. Landon's heart rate at the beginning was 184 and he's definitely a boy! I did carry like I had a basketball in there and didn't get wider anywhere else, so that one was true for me. I did 2 Chinese gender charts: one on The Bump and one somewhere else. The Bump one said girl, which was wrong, but the other one was correct. I did the string trick too and it said girl so it was wrong. It's fun to speculate until you know for sure tho! :)

Ashley said...

I just found your blog and love it! I am also preggers with a boy-we are naming him Weston Mac! I am due October 25th so I am right there with ya!

LivingLifeLarson said...

YAAAA for boys:) I agree on the OWT being a bunch of crap! I think 50% said girl and 50% said boy! Congratulations!!

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Lisa [at] Vanilla and Coconut said...

from a mommy of 1 4 yr old boy, & 1 on the way, I'm happy to say congrats!! Boys are soooo much fun!!

Debbie said...

Congratulations!!!!! I LOVE having boys!!! He's going to love you sooooo much. So excited for you!! :)

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