Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Baby has a Name!

We actually decided on the baby's name in July, but we're finally ready to share it with the general public.

Deciding on a boy name was very hard. The husband and I have had our girl name on lock since before we even got engaged, but we had a MUCH harder time deciding on a boy name.

I like names like Connor .. but he does not.

We went back and forth for MONTHS over boys names.

We finally settled on Zachary, Braden (or Brayden) and the name we ultimately chose.

We ruled out Zachary, because neither of us are in love with the nickname Zack-- and no one tends to call a Zachary a Zachary. I am still in love with Braden, but I was pretty active on the bump for the first few months of my pregnancy and for some reason, Braden is a very controversial name. Seriously, in every poll on the baby name board, Braden tends to be one of the most hated names on every list. I love(d) it, but I didn't love that no one else loved it.

{If we have another son, there's a good chance that his name will be either Braden or Zachary, so I haven't give up on them yet}

Anyways, the name that we ultimately went with is....


It was my husband's favorite of all three, and I really like it too. I think that it fits us perfectly, and it's a name that can't really be shortened-- which we were looking for because our last name only has three letters in it.

*Those are the name blocks that I told you all that I was hard at work on. I'll post about how I made them soon.

*Excuse the tin foil in the crib. We're keeping the kitties out.


Christina Cadden said...

Love the name!!

Ashley Paige said...

omgosh. LOVE that name. "Greyson" was MY number one choice- however the Husband vetoed it and did NOT say nice things about it. don't worry- im totally holding out for baby number 2. LOL... love, love, love and that nursh? OMGOSH I LOVE IT! i cannot wait to see more pictures.. you are so crafty, girl!!

Ashley said...

Grayson is the name that my husband and I had picked since before we were ever engaged! Wow! lol If we have a boy - his name will be Grayson Edward and has been picked for about 5 years or so! haha. So needless to say, I LOVE the name, and hope that you don't hate me for still using it too if I have a boy. :) (I just tested positive just this morning!!)I love it because not too many people use it and it's the cutest name. But I love our girl name too that took us until just THIS month to decide on. :)

Deviled Megs said...

Love the name!

jv726 said...

Love the name!!! I also love that you use tin foil to keep your cats out of the crib, we use it on our furniture when we are gone for more than a day :)

Anonymous said...

As a big fan of the show Drop Dead Diva, I really like the name Grayson. It's different and distinguished.

Melissa said...

Love the name and the wall letters look great! :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I LOVE the name Greyson, but it sounded horrible with our last name so it got vetoed. :(

The Kings said...

I love the name and LOVE your squares!!! You are so creative!!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Love the name. And the nursery looks great!

Anonymous said...

Grayson is a wonderful name. We've got a name we're sitting on for a little while just to make absolutely certain that it's the one we want to use.

Cute name art! Can't wait to see the tutorial. : )

Unknown said...

Love it!!! Have you seen Cougar Town? Grayson is the best! ;)

Dancy said...

GREAT name! Aww Yay!

I like Connor too and like you guys D & I have always kinda agreed on girls names - we only agree on ONE boys name - Colin. So um, I dunno what'll happen if we have 2 boys. LOL

PS - the nursery looks adorable!

star said...

Grayson is such a cute and unique name! love it!

Nora said...

I love that name!!!

Megan said...

L.O.V.E. the name :)

Lisa [at] Beauty and Her Boys said...

Glad you guys have a name! I'm 28 weeks with NOTHING yet, not even options!

Anonymous said...

Great name! What's most important is that you and hubby love it... not what others think.

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